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  1. wow he knows nothing about how contracts go, you do not always get what you want and only get what is your value which it seems him and his family think QH should be getting more the canucks are not one of the worst teams we will be better, but him saying that also shows its the players fault for not playing their best which means less money for a contract
  2. NO Rathbone is going to work into a good D for us
  3. he has skills so why not take the chance on him if you are the wings
  4. to me EP at the moment is worth 7 to 7.5 mill, now he might stay the same and not get better and if so any more would be a BIG over payment, but if he gets better he is worth more, so me 8 mill at the very most is what he is worth QH has a lot of things to improve and the end of last season gave JB fuel to add to give QH less, me he is worth 6 to 6.5 but 7 at most is what he should get long term now the numbers do show this and if they want more, trade them for players and picks so we can be a better team, me I wish we can keep them and think we will , but this i
  5. to be fair we are better on the right side then left and Miller is and will be cheaper then a couple on the right, I see us in the future as soon as TDL or summer trading a RW if Podz is as good as we think
  6. he will get us more in a trade , and with a trade we could restack our minor league team with talent or picks to do the same
  7. this season will be exciting to watch the new guys and old step up and win more games then we have last year! playoffs here we come!
  8. LOL typical for marky to do!
  9. looking at all player around EP's level he should be getting 7 to 7.5 as I have said, he asks for more then it better be 8 at 8 years!! Hughes is different he has a lot more to prove and should get 6 to 6.5 if long term then 7 for 8 years i think they should sign sooner then later as EP said he wants to play on a winning team, well we have greatly improved and not signing for what you are worth will get people mad or upset which he does not want!
  10. Hoglander and Garland both play big games and fight as hard as anyone for the puck and win battles, so at this time size does not matter
  11. If we want a cup a few players need to be a team player and take a bit less at contract time!!
  12. I think he will get a job maybe the flames or edmonton might bite
  13. way I see it if he is as good as we think he will be we will see a player traded or two and get the RHD with a shot we need!!
  14. where do people get EP getting 10 plus to stay??? Look at his numbers and see he gets hurt more then others that have simular numbers and they are getting 6.5 to 7 mill, so that is what he is worth around 6.5 to 7 mill players like McDavid are getting 10 plus and EP is far away from being that good
  15. well hughes you could hardball more so I would try my hardest to do whats best for the team, saying that the Sedin's took less and I am sure that is one reason they came back to help JB out.To get a winning team players will take less as we have seen, not all but some will!
  16. well two players that are about the same are getting 7 so I am right 6.5 to 7 max!!!Plus take into account he has been hurt more then most on the list!
  17. way I see it Petey should get 6.5ish long term 7 at very most Hughes has not fully proved himself and can not get an offer sheet so he will more then likely get a 3 year deal at 5.75 to 6 at most, and like others have pointed out Hughes needs to be a bit better defensively to get the bigger bucks! End of last season last 15 plus games he did not score much so he needs work to get the bigger bucks in my opinion people here so over rate our players and want to give them big bucks , but when we do people complain so which is???
  18. I think Montreal will match. if not no biggy they will get picks and well in 5 years might be good
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