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  1. What, did he kick your dog or something? Put a tack in your unicycle tire? Eriksson is an underperforming very well paid pro hockey player. Not much sympathy needed but you don't have to hate the guy for aging out of contention either. We all slow down at various rates. Though I suppose I was in a way suggesting him for the first line... ... in Utica. That's not exactly singing his praises. He clearly isn't performing well enough to be part of the Canucks. We don't have to hate on someone to come to that realization. I don't even really blame Benning all that much. Eriksson was the best free agent available at the time and Benning was trying to improve the team. He paid a little too much perhaps but not terribly out of line with UFAs. It only really looks bad in hindsight. It was a mistake. It happens. We just have to move on as soon as possible. Go Canucks Go!
  2. I just said that I would do it. And I would probably enjoy it. Maybe others would too. How Eriksson theoretically responds is up to him. There's a whole lot of very specific speculation here that I don't think is meaningful. Go Canucks Go!
  3. I like most of your posts Petey, but I don't agree with this one. I mean I agree that if Eriksson can't be traded, and that seems to be the case, he should be sent down to the minors to play meaningful minutes there. Where I don't agree is that it is a torture to play 2nd tier professional hockey. Maybe certain big egos can't handle it but many NHL players have done it. I don't know about you but I'd jump at the chance to ride the buses and earn $5 million for playing hockey. Playing big minutes on the top line would make it more fun not less. In fact I'd probably do it for $1 million, no matter how much money I had made previously. Ah heck, who am I kidding, I'd do it for a lot less. Some people actually like playing the game and don't see it as 100% business. I don't blame Loui for the contract he signed. I'd sign that contract too. I do hold him accountable for the effort he's put in, so that's why he should be playing in Utica. Oh, and by the way, some people actually like winter and snow and stuff like that. Go Canucks Go!
  4. There are dozens of good hikes on the North Shore but I'll recommend just two. Many people don't realize that Mount Seymour is a really nice hike. You start at the ski area and hike up from there (the ski area is not at the top of the mountain as you'll soon figure out). There are three separate peaks each with their own unique character and all with spectacular panoramic views of greater Vancouver. If crowding is an issue, most people only go to the first peak and so you'll almost always find fewer people on the second and third peaks. The other hike I want to recommend is Lynn Peak. Most people go to Lynn Canyon for the suspension bridge but you can access Lynn Peak from either from the headwaters parking lot, the demonstration forest, or Lynn Canyon (a little longer that way). Anyway it's a nice medium hike with a pleasant enough view at the top but most of it is sheltered in the forest compared to more alpine like terrain on Seymour. Happy Hiking (in my opinion hiking is always a good option for fun, fitness, and connecting to nature). Go Canucks Go! P.S. - If you do the Seymour hike, or any alpine hike, be prepared for all conditions, including snow. The ski area has a reputation as being for novices but the hiking on the upper alpine is more advanced and requires preparation in terms of clothing, navigational aides, and trip planning. I've done it in all seasons and all conditions, including on skis, so it can be done even in the dead of winter but one has to be prepared. Be safe out there...
  5. Yep, get the process right and the points will come. It sure would be nice to see Virtanen step into the hole left by the departure of Toffoli. Opportunity is there for the taking. I hope he's finally figured out that it's go time. We'll see. Go Canucks Go!
  6. Yeah, I was mildly upset when he left as well. We needed a big hitter like Schenn, and still do. The problem however is that's all he could do. We need someone who can make a hit and make a play. One dimensional players are difficult to keep in the lineup in this new NHL. I think that the Canucks were hoping for more hitting and better all around play from Benn. Maybe it's still there, maybe not. He is rather expensive for a 7th D, but at the same time in my opinion we need more than 6 NHL caliber defencemen to keep up with the inevitable injuries and still rack up wins. Go Canucks Go!
  7. Let training camp sort that out (and injuries). I like having more bodies than jobs, it creates a healthy competitive environment. I think that it is unhealthy if people are penciled in before they earn their jobs, and in this business each player should have to earn their job all over again each and every year. I like this signing. He'll either make the team or he'll be pushing someone else to put in a bigger effort in order to make the team (not naming anybody). And either way he won't hurt us with an oversized cap hit. Go Canucks Go!
  8. That's a reasonable argument about that one article, but it's a sample of one. I think the main point here is not whether or not Jake was responsible for the team losing, that's water under the bridge, it's about the quality and style of the Province's reporting in general. If one looks at the Province's quality and style of reporting over a longer time frame and over many articles then one can clearly see a pattern of low-brow reporting. Personally I call that rag the "Provincial Enquirer" based on their style of "journalism". That's just my opinion, but I don't think that I'm the only one who thinks that. The line between news and entertainment has been blurred and there seems to be no going back. Go Canucks Go!
  9. How dare you overreact to my overreaction. Yes, I have no idea what he actually does in the off-season. I'm not trying to say he's lazy, or be all that critical, I'm just trying to say he needs to put on a few pounds. It's not that I don't like him or his style of play, he just needs a bit more muscle so he isn't pushed off the puck so much. I didn't think that was so controversial. But anyway, Go Canucks Go!
  10. I don't know why Gaudette isn't putting more into his off season training. I mean there are ways to put some meat on one's bones without resorting to PEDs or losing performance. In fact, more strength (when done correctly) means more speed not less (as some people assume). He's a pro athlete with pro strength and conditioning coaches, I don't understand why he's so scrawny. People have to work with the genetics they have but I think a few extra pounds of muscle would really help his game. Go Canucks Go!
  11. I can't say for sure, but I think that Vancouver's paranoia with Russians started way back with Krutov. He was an all-world player until he came to Vancouver and ate himself out of the lineup. That was both unexpected and painful. And then just when it became clear that Larianov was the brains behind the KLM line, and definitely a keeper, he left. Bure played great for us for a while but he didn't stick around either. And then when Tryamkin bolted back home I think it reminded us long time fans of previous disasters. Yes, there are good Russian players in the NHL but as far as the Canucks are concerned we've had bad luck with our share of the Russians. It's not rational as each player should be evaluated on his own terms but who says that fans are rational? Go Canucks Go!
  12. Just finished watching this. I was going to post it myself. Anyway it seems like we've got a new Virtanen-like player, just on defence. He's a big guy who can skate like the wind but is not all that aggressive and doesn't have the highest hockey IQ. He can be really effective when he wants to be but is apparently a bit inconsistent (remind you of anyone?). I don't mean this as a knock on him but it is what it is. I agree with the Scouch that Jim did well with this pick (and I agree with the guy who said it was a first round pick in the third round). Seems like Jurmo needs a bit of coaching but if he applies himself and trains hard we could have a really good prospect here. Go Canucks Go!
  13. Personally I want the NHL to die an ugly death. Good riddance. I still love hockey but I can't stand what the NHL has become. I mean really "game management" - what the heck is that? (I mean that literally - what is that?) The NHL is slowly and steadily turning pro hockey into pro wrestling right before our eyes (boiling frogs anyone?). Let the NHL die and then we can start a Canadian pro hockey league and have a Canada division all the time (for people who actually like hockey and don't need to constantly reinvent it in order to attract lukewarm fans). The Americans can do their own thing with hockey and maybe we can play games between our champions (assuming they don't change the rules too much - look what happened to rugby, they turned that into American Football through the same process). Look at football (i.e. soccer), countries who like the sport (which is most of them) tend to have their own leagues and then their champions play. Seems to work. Why do we need Americans to pollute our favourite game? We Canadians don't need Americans to enjoy hockey, especially when their overweening profit-mongering is destroying the game. Yes, there is always a business side to professional sports, but there is also a hockey side to it that some of us still care about (but the majority of big fat American owners DON'T). I think that the NHL will actually survive but I don't want it to. Go Canucks Go!
  14. What an interesting interview. Thanks for posting. I wasn't sure about this guy but I like his personality. I hope that translates into good chemistry with his teammates (seems likely) and good play on the ice (also likely). Seems like another quality add for very little in exchange. Of course we still have to pay him but I think we got a keeper here for a very low purchase price. Well done Jim. Go Canucks Go!