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  1. Let training camp sort that out (and injuries). I like having more bodies than jobs, it creates a healthy competitive environment. I think that it is unhealthy if people are penciled in before they earn their jobs, and in this business each player should have to earn their job all over again each and every year. I like this signing. He'll either make the team or he'll be pushing someone else to put in a bigger effort in order to make the team (not naming anybody). And either way he won't hurt us with an oversized cap hit. Go Canucks Go!
  2. That's a reasonable argument about that one article, but it's a sample of one. I think the main point here is not whether or not Jake was responsible for the team losing, that's water under the bridge, it's about the quality and style of the Province's reporting in general. If one looks at the Province's quality and style of reporting over a longer time frame and over many articles then one can clearly see a pattern of low-brow reporting. Personally I call that rag the "Provincial Enquirer" based on their style of "journalism". That's just my opinion, but I don't think that I'm the only one who thinks that. The line between news and entertainment has been blurred and there seems to be no going back. Go Canucks Go!
  3. How dare you overreact to my overreaction. Yes, I have no idea what he actually does in the off-season. I'm not trying to say he's lazy, or be all that critical, I'm just trying to say he needs to put on a few pounds. It's not that I don't like him or his style of play, he just needs a bit more muscle so he isn't pushed off the puck so much. I didn't think that was so controversial. But anyway, Go Canucks Go!
  4. I don't know why Gaudette isn't putting more into his off season training. I mean there are ways to put some meat on one's bones without resorting to PEDs or losing performance. In fact, more strength (when done correctly) means more speed not less (as some people assume). He's a pro athlete with pro strength and conditioning coaches, I don't understand why he's so scrawny. People have to work with the genetics they have but I think a few extra pounds of muscle would really help his game. Go Canucks Go!
  5. I can't say for sure, but I think that Vancouver's paranoia with Russians started way back with Krutov. He was an all-world player until he came to Vancouver and ate himself out of the lineup. That was both unexpected and painful. And then just when it became clear that Larianov was the brains behind the KLM line, and definitely a keeper, he left. Bure played great for us for a while but he didn't stick around either. And then when Tryamkin bolted back home I think it reminded us long time fans of previous disasters. Yes, there are good Russian players in the NHL but as far as the Canucks are concerned we've had bad luck with our share of the Russians. It's not rational as each player should be evaluated on his own terms but who says that fans are rational? Go Canucks Go!
  6. Just finished watching this. I was going to post it myself. Anyway it seems like we've got a new Virtanen-like player, just on defence. He's a big guy who can skate like the wind but is not all that aggressive and doesn't have the highest hockey IQ. He can be really effective when he wants to be but is apparently a bit inconsistent (remind you of anyone?). I don't mean this as a knock on him but it is what it is. I agree with the Scouch that Jim did well with this pick (and I agree with the guy who said it was a first round pick in the third round). Seems like Jurmo needs a bit of coaching but if he applies himself and trains hard we could have a really good prospect here. Go Canucks Go!
  7. Personally I want the NHL to die an ugly death. Good riddance. I still love hockey but I can't stand what the NHL has become. I mean really "game management" - what the heck is that? (I mean that literally - what is that?) The NHL is slowly and steadily turning pro hockey into pro wrestling right before our eyes (boiling frogs anyone?). Let the NHL die and then we can start a Canadian pro hockey league and have a Canada division all the time (for people who actually like hockey and don't need to constantly reinvent it in order to attract lukewarm fans). The Americans can do their own thing with hockey and maybe we can play games between our champions (assuming they don't change the rules too much - look what happened to rugby, they turned that into American Football through the same process). Look at football (i.e. soccer), countries who like the sport (which is most of them) tend to have their own leagues and then their champions play. Seems to work. Why do we need Americans to pollute our favourite game? We Canadians don't need Americans to enjoy hockey, especially when their overweening profit-mongering is destroying the game. Yes, there is always a business side to professional sports, but there is also a hockey side to it that some of us still care about (but the majority of big fat American owners DON'T). I think that the NHL will actually survive but I don't want it to. Go Canucks Go!
  8. What an interesting interview. Thanks for posting. I wasn't sure about this guy but I like his personality. I hope that translates into good chemistry with his teammates (seems likely) and good play on the ice (also likely). Seems like another quality add for very little in exchange. Of course we still have to pay him but I think we got a keeper here for a very low purchase price. Well done Jim. Go Canucks Go!
  9. I don't get why some people dislike Sutter so much. Yes, he's been injured a lot, and that sucks, but when he's in the lineup he makes us a better team. Sure, he's not flashy, and he doesn't put up a ton of points, but he's a quality player and a quality person. His defensive game is solid, and that is very much an asset, but he's actually better offensively than some give him credit for as well. He's just been out of the lineup for long stretches so he hasn't put up big numbers. I still think he's a useful piece and like I said, when he's in the lineup he makes us a better team. Go Canucks Go!
  10. I think he's doing a fine job. It's the NHL that is pathetic these days. The entire concept of "game management" is just a thin veil and a con job on their essentially pro wrestling style approach to sports entertainment. I mean really Texas versus Florida for the most coveted prize in ice hockey and nobody seems to smell a rat... Go Canucks Go (despite the crooked NHL)!
  11. So I guess the NHL is screwing over Vegas yet again by not allowing them to participate in this wonderful expansion draft? (sarcasm alert) Go Canucks Go!
  12. In the military it's a common saying that "Generals always want to fight the last war" (and that strategy rarely works). Seems to happen in hockey too. Instead of trying to fight the last war again we have to prepare to fight the next one. We need to learn from the past but we need to be our own team instead of trying to copy others. Go Canucks Go!
  13. Hindsight is easy. We needed someone like Ferland for the playoffs (and still do). Jim went out and did the best he could with the market that was available. It was a risk but all signings are a risk to some degree. I don't fault Benning at all, it was just bad luck. He was trying to do the right thing to improve the team. Sometimes people recover from concussions and can play at a high level again (i.e. Crosby). A healthy Ferland would certainly have been a good addition to our team. Go Canucks Go!
  14. They've got to be tired too. We just CAN'T give up. Go Canucks Go!