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  1. Yeah, I remember Krutov. Great expectations, and then he came over and ate himself out of the lineup. GCG!
  2. It would be nice, but I guess we're going to have to beat them on the scoreboard instead. At present, we aren't doing either. It's going to take a bit more fire in the belly from everyone. GCG!
  3. I'll be watching from home on my computer either way. The thing is, as much as I like hockey, I want my friends and neighbors to be healthy which means that I will happily comply with public health measures (as long as they aren't arbitrary or politically motivated but, for the most part, they seem to be based on medical science so I'm for compliance). GCG!
  4. Yep, I agree, it was obvious. NHL refereeing is random at best, completely corrupt at worst. Good effort and I like our team this year but some things never change. GCG!
  5. Thanks for posting something positive. I also like our depth. Losing players like MacEwan and Gadjovich hurts a bit but it's really an indication of our organizational depth rather than major blunders made by management. That's what it means to have depth, we have to let players go that might have made the team in other years. It's weird, our team is really strong right now but the fans seem really weak, preferring to nitpick at the details and get angry for the sake of getting angry instead of supporting the team during these exciting times. I guess they've been listening too much to the rotten media instead of thinking for themselves. I think a lot of fans don't realize how hard it is to build a winning team and how close we are to having one. I think we have a really strong shot at making the playoffs this year. Go Canucks Go!
  6. Sounds like a regional, almost parochial, Alberta broadcast to me. Sometime I think they forget they have a larger audience. GCG!
  7. I'll never understand people who want to fire the coach before we've even played a single game. I mean why not at least see what the product on the ice is before we start complaining? Or better yet, how about avoiding the complaining altogether and maybe actually cheer for the team through the ups and downs. And I think we're going to be fine. I think it's going to be a bit of a rough start but I think we actually have the organizational depth to do well as the season progresses. There are so many new faces that it clearly has the fans anxious and confused, and it will take a while for the players to get to know each other, but I see good things in the future. I don't like all the negativity. I'm a bit surprised by personnel decisions too but let's at least see how it plays out before we get out the pitchforks and torches. Go Canucks Go!
  8. It's neither true nor untrue, it's always "it depends". There are no guaranteed ways to build an NHL team, one has to analyze each deal individually and decide each and every time whether or not it is an improvement overall for the club. Sometimes it's good to hold onto all one's picks and other times, if other teams are going to give away good players in exchange, then there's no point in holding on to them. The basic strategy is not to acquire picks, the basic strategy is to build a winning team no matter how, and that means being open to either using the picks or trading them depending on the deal. It always depends on what is being offered in return. GCG!
  9. You think high end RHD just grow on trees and you can just go down to the corner store and pick one up whenever you like? I never said that Juulsen is our savior on D. Frankly I don't know anything about him, I was just saying that Jim is doing his job and doing what he can to fill the holes that came about through no fault of his own. And I actually dared to be a bit optimistic. I know it's more fun to be negative but that doesn't do anything to help win games. If one doesn't think one can win, one is never going to. Starting off with a defeatist attitude is like drinking poison for your pre-game meal. I'm not saying it's guaranteed that we make the playoffs but we at least have a good shot. We have to be confident and positive with what we've got and not cry about what we don't have. Leave the whining to the journalists, we fans need to get behind our team (and that includes management). GCG!
  10. Noah Juulsen. Hamonic not reporting wasn't Jim's fault. We've got enough spare parts (i.e. overall depth) to cover the PK. And I don't believe that you're "all for being optimistic". For that to be true there has to be at least a little optimism. GCG!
  11. You win some, you lose some. Drafting is always a gamble. Besides, we're not trying to build a resume, we're trying to build an NHL team that can win some games on the ice. Hanging on to ineffective players just for the optics is stupid. I think that Jim has had an outstanding off season, filling holes and dumping deadweight. It's now up to Green and the players to put some wins on the board. I'm looking forward to this season. I've had enough of negative nellies. There are of course no guarantees but personally I think the future looks good for us and that Jim has done well with what he has to work with. Go Canucks Go!
  12. He was my grade 8 French teacher back in 75/76. And yeah, he was singing the anthem back then. GCG!
  13. Depth is a good thing, and I like our depth right now. The thing is that it also means that we have to make some tough decisions and let some useful players go. And there's more tough decisions coming. It's a bit painful to lose promising players but it's also true that we can't sweat the details when the big picture is that we have lots of good options going for us. We have to put some trust in Green and Benning as they have to make a lot of tough decisions. Go Canucks Go!
  14. Now that's more like it. That's what we've been waiting for... GCG!
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