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  1. If I was another GM, there is no way in hell i'm going to trade for a member of the Canucks. With our recent covid outbreak I wouldn't blame them.
  2. 4 goals in 32 games I expected more after his off-season training with Weber and Myers. He came into camp like a more confident person. Yet he has regressed and it's not looking good for him. You can sign bargain bin players for 800k and they would put up the same or better stats.
  3. Placed my bet today, I took Miocic ftw over Ngannou, the only way I see Ngannou beating him is with a lucky shot.
  4. Benning has been sitting on these moves since they claimed and destroyed Corrado
  5. I believe Judd wanted full control over the first 2 picks every year.
  6. Seattle is going to have a MAF/Holtby tandem. They're already better than half the league.
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