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  1. He said hart trophy good if he’s used properly. Take this as fact from a panthers fan I know.
  2. Harmonic’s family should stop watching the news.
  3. A panther fan I know said Lammy is really good. So take that as fact, Benning hit a home run.
  4. I just saw Petey and Huggy at the Detroit Metro Airport... and they were carrying hockey equipment!!!!!
  5. Vancast on Spotify is pretty good
  6. Just piicked up a Pettersson Jersey, he'll sign tomorrow.
  7. Dickinson low key has Hamhuis vibes.The way he wants to get involved with the community right away. He'll fit right in.
  8. I think she went to the same Ohio St. with Kes. He probably banged her he was trying to get under Backes skin because he most likely knew.
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