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  1. If we had Tkachuk we wouldn't have Petey or Hughes to re-sign.
  2. And hates the Oilers checks off all the boxes IMO
  3. I don't really hate any of these losses. Marky and Tanev served their purpose as stop gaps for the future. We will still keep marching forward.
  4. Izzy was talking about getting an asian girl in one of his pressers before covid.
  5. I knew Costa was going to lose as soon as he started pretending Izzy's strikes didn't hurt.
  6. How about Chayka, trading for Hall and then quitting like a B*tch.
  7. Ron Maclean is being outwit for the first time in a while. #Feelsgoodman
  8. Boeser was all world until Clutterbucked it up.
  9. Let the other guys get the lime light. Bo Knows