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  1. Anton Rodin was like this as well. All the potential but can't ever stay healthy enough to show it.
  2. Superstars who go into management roles after retirement usually do very well. Yzerman and Sakic are proving that. Well we got two of them and nobody saw the ice like they did, hockey IQ off the charts. Messes are getting cleaned up left and right in a methodical nature I don't doubt that the Sedin's fingerprints are all over this.
  3. Just half a year with a 39 year old Sundin had a major impact on the Sedins. It wasn’t about him scoring points it was about the way he carried himself, it rubbed off on them. Now Hughes, Rathbone, Juolevi and the team will experience this. It’s the same as life, hangout with people who are better than you in some way.
  4. Benning re-signed Virtanen a week after Toffoli signed in Montreal.
  5. OEL consistently runs at a 40+ point pace over an 82 game season. He was a really good all around d-man until Rick Tochet. He should be rejuvenated here.
  6. Horvat wasn't that good of a skater when he came into the league. But he worked on it with a skating coach and now he can explode.
  7. Chris Tanev's little brother and our former 1st rounder will lead them to the cup in 2021.
  8. That four years of Chiarelli was a complete abomination.
  9. I don't really like Schmidt's game at that price. Should have left him with vegas.
  10. Why would they want Giordano after Erectile Dysfunction.
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