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  1. I wouldn't say Quinn got robbed. Makar and Hughes were neck and neck and it could've gone either way. They are both great young defencemen.
  2. Well, I hope you're right and the price is reasonable. Time will tell.
  3. Not likely to happen. Regarding trading for Killorn and Cernak, these players will come with a high price - not Sutter, Roussel, Beagle, Motte, Pearson or Virtanen, unless high draft picks are involved.
  4. We could have won if we had bigger stronger D who could move the puck out of the D zone better/faster; and if we had bigger wingers who hit hard and who didn't lose so many puck battles on the boards (especially in the D zone). We will never win the cup if we don't add more "truculence" to the lineup (we need to be able to go hit for hit with teams like Dallas, St Louis, Tampa Bay, Philly, Islanders, Boston, etc. - like the strong teams of years past in the Pacific Division). We also need more team speed (quicker/faster) like Colorado has. Actually, I think, if Colorado could adds more truculence and better goaltending, they would be a stronger cup contender than the Canucks (as much as I hate to say it). Having one of the best players in the world (if not the best), in Nathan MacKinnon, doesn't hurt.
  5. Wow, that is an unbelievable overpayment for Eichel. Plus, high draft picks (and weakening our future)? Eichel is a great player but no thanks! I want to see what Podkolzin does with the Canucks first before I consider trading him (I like what I saw in the World Juniors). Now, maybe if it was for Connor McDavid
  6. Marky wouldn't sign a contract without a NMC let alone a NTC. He'll definitely want a NMC so he can't be exposed to the Kraken (he won't want to be packing his bags again just after he signs a long term contract somewhere). Only a NMC prevents him from being taken by the Kraken (players with NTC can still be taken in the expansion draft). I don't know why Marky signs a contract without an NMC. If I was him, I wouldn't. He deserves an NMC - just not in Van when we have a younger talented goalie whose age is closer to our core players. Plus a goalie (Demko) who comes with a lower cap hit when we are already pushing the ceiling of the cap now. Marky was fantastic this year and I wish we could keep both goalies but we can't because we are going to lose Demko in the expansion draft (we can't afford to lose a young talented goalie like Demko for nothing). Given the cap and the upcoming expansion draft, I'd let Marky walk and sign his long term contract with a NMC. I wish the best for him. The only other alternative is to trade Demko but I don't favour that option unless it involved a first round pick and a prospect.
  7. There is no way Minny gives a pick and Dumba for Boeser. It'll be the other way around (we give them a pick, maybe a 3rd or 4th plus Boeser). Giving them Gaudette plus Boeser for Dumba is too steep a price.
  8. Don't forget the wildfires burning up California. That might also be a concern.
  9. Try to find players like Marchessault, Smith, Stone, Chandler Stephenson, Carrier, Cousins, Tuch and Karlsson. Or more players like Motte (but bigger). Easier said than done though. I'd like to see us as much more physical (but fast and quick) and be able to pound players like the Vegas players did to us every chance they got. I really wish Ferland would have worked out but his career appears to be in jeopardy.
  10. Personally, I would prefer to stick with Demko as much as I love Markström. Demko is closer to the same age as our young core players. Also, we have to remember that we can't protect both our goalies in the expansion draft (and we can only keep 3 of our older D and 7 older forwards). When I say older I mean players who aren't in their rookie or sophomore season in the NHL. I wish we could keep both Demko and Markie but one will likely get taken in the expansion draft. I want to keep Tanev. He has been awesome as Hughes' partner. You won't find another D as reliable, who can skate and who blocks the shots like Tanev on the UFA list unless you want to pay over 6 or 7 mill which we cannot afford given that the salary cap could fall due to Covid and the loss of revenue. I'm a big Stecher fan. He may not be big but he is hard to play against and he is good positionally and he made some great long passes to the forwards. I agree we need some bigger D but our D are not the reason we lost the series. The Vegas forecheck was better than ours and more tenacious and they hit way more than us. I want to keep Motte as he is great on the fourth or 3rd line if needed. The player I am most disappointed in is Boeser. He loses way too many puck battles on the boards and he isn't fast enough or a good enough skater to keep us with a team like Vegas. Also, he wasn't scoring which he is paid to do (and he gets a 5 mill plus salary next season). I really like the kid but he is not worth 5 million a year. He is very good against slower teams but the NHL is now a much faster league.
  11. Very proud of all the guys and the coaching staff. They exceeded expectations. A few of our injuries (Ferland, Miller, Toffoli and Myers - for an example) caught up with us and Vegas was just a stronger and deeper team. In the off-season, we have a few areas to upgrade. I think some of our wingers needed to do a better job on the boards and win more puck battles to compete with Vegas. Vegas was just bigger, stronger and faster and they often beat us to the puck. The Vegas forecheck was very good and they pounded our D and were first to the puck in the neutral zone. I hope we can keep Stecher, Tanev, Markie and Demko.
  12. Awesome team game and so much for all the whiners complaining about our bottom six forwards. Early in the series when the complainers were whining about our bottom six, they forgot that it was those same bottom six players that were keeping the score down, winning crucial faceoffs and keeping us in the game. Marky has been fantastic. Stecher is giving us lots of reasons for re-signing him and Motte is an energizer bunny that is tenacious on the forecheck. Sutter had a great series against the Blues. Roussel has picked up his game. Same with Virtanen. Even Louis is solid. Horvat has been a beast. Green continues to adapt and respond and shows why he is a very good coach with this young team that is playing very well against better teams (on paper). No, I am not Green's nephew and I am almost old enough to be his father. I don't know him at all but I know he is a proud BC boy like me.
  13. I'd prefer 650 for pre-game. Also, for the post-game, I find 1040's Blake Price, Jeff Patterson and Matt Sekeres are too negative and too critical of a team that isn't quite where it needs to be (personnel wise) to win the cup.
  14. Great to see Stech get the GWG. Great team game and Marky and Bo were awesome!
  15. The Canucks looked a little slow out of the gate but showed great resiliency in coming back from deficits. Marky has bailed out the Canucks many times (won games for them) and this time the team rallied around him and bailed him out. Great to see. Good team win and great to see Tanev get the winning goal (he has done so much for this team over the years).