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  1. I agree. The eye injury to our strong 3rd line centre (Manny Malhotra) and the injuries to Dan Hamhuis and Mason Raymond took a toll on our 2011 cup run.
  2. Wow, looking at his stats and reading about him, that's quite a progression from US highschool hockey. Jackson Kunz looks like a smart draft pick. It's unlikely that he will make the NHL but I'll give Benning kudos for that pick.
  3. I also want to re-sign Hamonic but he should not be our 1b D man. I wouldn’t want to throw Rathbone, who has only played a couple late season NHL games, into our middle pairing. Bone shows much promise but he should be our 6th or 7th D man next season (at least for the start). Chatfield is another option especially for our 7D spot. Other than that, you’re right, the sky isn’t falling but we need a top pairing big RHD next season if we want to compete for a playoff spot.
  4. They’ve taught us that our bottom six is not big enough or skilled enough (mainly from a defensive perspective). They’ve also taught us that our top 4D doesn’t match up against Weber, Petry, Chabot and Edmondson. Obviously, we’re miles behind the quality of the Tampa Bay Lightening. I think the Kraken management is drooling over all the D options they’ll have in the ED and the available UFAs. Their 2nd and 3rd D pairings will be better than just about all other NHL teams’ 2nd and 3rd D pairings. I expect the Kraken to challenge for a playoff spot especially if they can obtain a solid 1a or 1b D man.
  5. I would vote for the Neither if that option was available.
  6. No, but with the CDN/BC income tax rate, we’ll always need to overspend or provide more term (unfortunately). A nice view of the sea is nice but not when you could have an extra $500K in Florida, Vegas, etc.
  7. There is only one player I would be willing to trade the 9th OA pick for and that’s Seth Jones. However, I wouldn’t want to lose Bo or Rathbone as sweeteners. Maybe 9th OA plus ??? for Jones.
  8. I don't agree that we played like garbage. Did we play too our potential last season? Probably not but I doubt that, even at our best, we would have made the playoffs (we might have squeaked in). The team's Covid outbreak also didn't help - that likely had a big impact on our play. What most here don't realize on CDC is that we are missing a few key players from being a playoff performer (not to mention a Stanley Cup contender). We need a big skilled top 2 or top 4 D man. I'm not sold that Hughes is our 1D because he isn't big enough to hold his position or move forwards off the puck. However, I really really like Hughes as he is great on the powerplay and at carrying the puck but he is not a Shea Weber, Jeff Petry, Victor Hedman, Alex Pietrangelo, Seth Jones, Darnell Nurse, Shea Theodore, etc. Alex Edler was close but his best days are several years behind him. We also need a stronger bottom 6 both production wise and size wise. So, in my opinion, it isn't that we played like garbage, it's that we need better, stronger players. If you don't have the tools, you aren't going to be successful. Until that happens, it will be more of the same and I wouldn't count on the playoffs next year. To me, the 2020 season was a fluke as we just lucked out with our performance in the playoffs. We didn't deserve to go as far as we did. We totally relied on spectacular goaltending from Markstrom and Demko (also on Tanev's shot blocking). I'm hoping management doesn't panic and dump draft picks for a bandaid (unless it's for Seth Jones, Rasmus Dahlin, Shea Theodore or Owen Power - I know, I'm a dreamer).
  9. I am a long standing Canucks fan and I'm getting tired of this treadmill to nowhere. I want to see a plan. I have defended Benning in the past many times but I'm tired of his leadership with "the no plan plan" as Ray Ferraro called it about two or three years ago. I got a chuckle out of that. However, I like Green as the head coach (for now). Last season, it wasn't so much losing Toffoli that I hated, it was losing assets for nothing (Madden and the 2nd round draft pick) when we didn't have a team that was a Stanley Cup contender. Even with his injury, I could see that Toffoli was a player (as he's shown throughout his career). I would have traded Boeser for a top 2 or top 4 D man and kept Toffoli (or trade Virtanen or Sutter). Why trade Boeser, and I love Boeser, because we need much better D to compete. You don't get a top player unless you give up a top player. Why Boeser? Because he is a one dimensional player (he can't play PK, he's so-so defensively and his skating is not where it needs to be). Would I be sad to see Boeser go, absolutely. I would much rather we had traded Virtanen in 2019 or 2020 (for a strong D man) - now he's damaged goods and the return will likely be underwhelming. I would not trade Hoglander - this guy has speed, puck skills and his shot is improving (lots of up side - plus he is younger than Boeser). I would also not trade Miller or Pearson - these are the types of players you want to have on your team (as part of your core group). I know Corey Hirsch isn't a fan of Miller but I still like what this guy brings to the table. I like Sutter but not at his current contract and he's had too many injuries for a multi-year contract. The last couple of months, I was very impressed with Myers and Hamonic and what's not to like about Hughes and Rathbone. Our top 4 D is still not strong enough though - we don't have a Shea Theodore, Cale Makar, Victor Hedman, Shea Weber or Jeff Petry (there's a lot more defenceman I could add to this list). We lucked through the 2020 playoffs only due to spectacular goaltending and Tanev. Our bottom six isn't strong or feisty enough (a lack of truculance as Burky would say) and our D is not good enough to take this team deep into the playoffs (2020 was a fluke, a one-off). I would like to have seen a complete rebuild after the Sedins retired (or maybe before they retired). I would've liked a letter to the fans re a full rebuild and a cupboard full of assets and picks like the Rangers did. However, I will say that Benning has been much better than Gillis in his drafting. He's been unlucky too with Eriksson, Ferland and Baertshi. I just hope that Benning, who's in the last two years of his contract, doesn't do something silly this summer - like sign an overpriced UFA, give up the 9th overall pick or trade away other draft picks for a quick bandaid fix. I doubt we make the playoffs next year and I hope we don't give up a lot of assets this summer. I expect the Kraken to be a better team than the Canucks next year (they will institute the Vegas plan - they won't have superstars but they will be solid). If the team is managed well, I think the Canucks could be contender in about two or three years - if not, it will be more of the same as the last 7 or 8 years. Hey, I hope I'm wrong about the Canucks but I know I wasn't wrong about this year. I predicted that we wouldn't make the playoffs and we didn't. Regardless, I remain a Canucks fan. Go Canucks!
  10. Great news! Travis deserves more time to mold this team after a rough year. He's a good coach. He needs some better players on D and in our bottom six. Regarding the new guys: Maybe Boyd, Hawryluk and HIghmore will show more (esp like the latter two). Vesey - I'm not sold on. Rathbone has the potential to be a top 4D and maybe top 2D. Juolevi deserves another shot. Chatfield is so so but could be better with more experience. Love Hoglander. Benning needs to do a better job with UFAs and asset management but I'm happy with where this team is heading. I hope we sign Ian Clark. Here's hoping to nail it in our 1st round pick this year! Go Canucks!
  11. Rathbone is showing to be a very good D prospect. He's a smart player and solid defensively. He definitely deserves a D spot on the team next season.
  12. Tyler Graovac is doing a "lot of the little things right" but he gets paid a lot less than some other players. He has shown to be a good two-way player with decent skill. I will be disappointed if we can't find a spot on our NHL team next year in a bottom 6 role and depth player. I actually liked him last year until he had the serious injury. Graovac, Hawryluk and Highmore have shown like they could earn a spot but especially Graovac.
  13. At the time, I thought the Toffoli trade was a good one, unfortunately, for whatever reason we couldn't re-sign him. That was the worst part. I hate giving up assets for nothing unless we're making significant improvements to our cap space. We could have decided to not re-sign Virtanen and put that money towards a Toffoli contract. Ahh well, that ship has sailed.
  14. I've supported Jake for years - hoping he would turn the corner but he never did. And now this. Of course it's not proven in court but still this is bad news. Why we didn't trade Virtanen in the off-season rather than re-signing him boggles my mind. We could have used that extra money to sign Toffoli who we should never have let get away for nothing. I was even prepared to trade Boeser for a top 4 D man just so we could sign Toffoli - kudos to Boeser for turning his game around. I like it when players prove me wrong.
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