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  1. I ain't no rich boy. I'm middle class. =)

  2. How's it going rich boy ;)

  3. What The Hell. Aero, seriously Aerdynamicanuck was Beast!

  4. That's good, its been a downer for me lately :(

  5. But the question is what are you talking about? lol, what cha up too?

  6. Hell Yeah, i'm still the King of Offtopic.

  7. Mines still at 10.2, I started posting a bit more, not really in off topic but more Canucks talk, playoffs baby

  8. What are you talking about :)

  9. He didn't find my wall I did....? lol.

  10. lol my daily post count has gone from 50 to 6.1....

  11. i think so too, but it took him a while to get back into playoff groove.

  12. What are you doing in Korea?

  13. Ya sure has been, came back from a trip from Korea, sorry buds, wutsup

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