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  1. This message is for Foreman24 from Aries1994. Resend your msg to me @ Aries@vcn.bc.ca. I can't access my messages. I opened a new account. It is Aries.1994. I'll send you a msg. as soon as I can.

    Send me an email. Talk to you later.

  2. I just noticed that your an Aries too! haha.

  3. Hi. I read your profile because of what you said in Linden's ceremony post. You are a very intelligent & appreciative Canuck fan & I want to thank you for standing up for Trevor, like I have done.

    I cried when I watched Trev skate around the rink with the spotlight on him, all by himself in that ugly last game against Calgary last season. That was such an ugly game. Highlight w

  4. Hey there Canuck fan in Long Is. NY! Greetings from Aldergrove, BC. Nice to hear your perspective outside of BC & from a Canuck fan. Keep us up to date on the NYR. I am very interested in what you see & your perspective. Yes, I was embarresed when our Canucks lost to the NY Islanders. I don't ever want to experience what I watched last year when the Canucks lost 7 of their 8 g

  5. I had to leave a msg after reading your sig. ah! I remember that game well. Trev scored both goals. Mark Messier broke Trev's ribs & when he was down, trying to get to the bench, Joey Kocher, came up & broke Trev's nose! I hated Mark Messier & even more so after he came to Van. for 6m. & did didly squat! When Mike Keenan became the coach here, I said, "what

  6. I like #1 & 20. Are you really only 14. I'm impressed.


  7. What's with the banana?

  8. Yeah i love Geoff Courtnall, one of the greats. I first started liking him when he was with the Canucks for the 1994 stanley cup run, a cup that we came sooo close to winning. I was about 6 years old at that time and i just grew a liking towards Courtnall, he was also my Dads favourite player as well so that influenced me a lot. Adams and Bure also bring back lots of memories.

    Thanks for the

  9. Hi. What don't you get? referring to my comment on the board. Maybe I can clear it up for you.


  10. Hi Plogue. I read your profile and have determined that you are an authentic Canuck fan & you go back aways when you mention Sedlak & Ronning. Read my profile, I go back to 1994, when I became a fan. I look forward to hearing from you and would like to add you to my friend's list.


    p.s. what does Plogue mean?

  11. I read your profile & want to thank you(I did on the msg board) for posting the article that has upset me.


  12. I read your profile & saw that you just started posting yesterday. I like how you think & wish you well. Let's save our team & being Linden didn't get the 'Cup' hopefully Ollie will! Peace.

  13. Hi Curtis, Congratulations on your win and taking all that rubber (12 in the 3rd period) while Burrow's sat in the penalty box. Tell Burrows not to take any penalties so close to the end of the 3rd period. That put a lot of stress on you! I was surprised to read that that was your 1st win in a Canucks jersey. I wish you many many more. Have a awesome year. Peace.
  14. Hi Curtis, First I would like to say that I am glad the Canucks re-signed you. I wanted you to come back. Smart move by management. It's good to get your mind off hockey and stopping the puck. Some fun with your teammates is good for the soul. I like your new mask. I wish you a good year. After last year the team 3 points out of the playoffs and having a melt-down, losing 7 of their last 8 games was very discouraging. I hope you play more games this year and that management gives Bobby Lou a break more often so that he will be more ready for the playoffs. We've been waiting for someth
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