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  1. I think this one and Some kind of Wonderful were played by almost every bar band back then.
  2. The league changes how they choose to interpret the rules every single season. This could easily be included in unsportsmanlike conduct. Players would adapt and stop doing that. (ii) Any player or goalkeeper who is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct including, but not limited to hair-pulling, biting, grabbing hold of a face mask, etc. If warranted, and specifically when injury results, the referee may apply Rule 21 - Match Penalties.
  3. Except this isn't the first time something like this has happened. The league has a history of giving suspensions to Canucks players for borderline calls. It's actually about hobbling MacEwen. Next season he will have to walk on eggshells for fear of being labelled a repeat offender. Meanwhile actual repeat offenders face little to no consequences.
  4. Years ago there was a ref in the NBA that got caught. It was portrayed as a one off. One bad ref ruining it for everyone else. Right!!!! Not a indication of corruption at all. It took that for the NBA to start cleaning up their act. "Coincidentally", betteman was 3rd in command of the NBA at one point. I'm sure it's not possible that he's brought his corrupt methodology to the NHL. And Peel is just one bad apple. Not an indication of systemic corruption. Sure sure.
  5. Yet you continue on with the attacks. I was referring to the incident from another angle that I saw. You're just going by one angle as well. How is that any better? Is any other angles of that play available now?
  6. Yeah, start your response with a despicable attack. I didn't see the league video until now because of my video settings. I'll admit that he did veer towards him. That in and of itself does not warrant a suspension. He didn't viciously knee him it was glancing contact on the shoulder mostly. They are suspending him for intent. They could have suspended several oilers for intent as well. I thought nurse accidentally on purpose swinging his skates at MacEwen's face was far more dangerous. It will probably take a player getting seriously injured before they do anything ab
  7. There was an angle that clearly shows Mac's skate making contact with nurse before his knee came up. It was a reaction to the contact. Labelling it as predatory is just toeing the party line.
  8. Or maybe they will find panda poop which looks suspiciously like rat droppings.
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