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  1. Do we have a roster for Abbottsford yet? I wonder if any of the guys that we cut loose wind up there.
  2. Right now, our oldest guys are Myers 31 OEL 30 Miller 28 and Pearson 28. Tons of cap. Loaded for bear.
  3. I'm knew the song you quoted. It seemed sarcastic to me. No worries. I'm not dwelling on it either. I'm expecting other people to quote me and restate the same thing that other posters have already said. We need the cap space, we need the cap space. I know that, I don't like the return. I don't have to love every deal. It shouldn't bother people that much. It's one person's opinion and I'm not obsessing over it.
  4. I get why we did it. I still don't like the return. Sarcastic comments will not change my opinion on that.
  5. Yup, I acknowledged that I was wrong in the signing thread. I don't think the 1st was just for him though.
  6. Only to the whiners. The difference is that the whiners whine constantly. The whining points change but the whining is continuous. The "gatekeep"ing isn't.
  7. My point is that we should have gotten a better return. People complain about constant negative posters and their anti Benning agendas. I think it should be okay to criticize a move sometimes. I expected a better return for a player of his calibre regardless of what we paid to acquire him.
  8. We weren't forced to accommodate him though. We could have played him and traded him to a contender for a better return at the trade deadline. Hopefully Benning has some reliable d-men in mind to replace him. Right now we have Myers and Bowey.
  9. Vegas had to clear cap because just they signed Pietrangelo and were too far over the cap. This is a totally different situation.
  10. That's a crap return. Does Benning expect to sign Hamnonic? We would still need another ufa to fill the void.
  11. It's a 10 team no trade list.
  12. So, you're saying that other teams just gave us 21 picks? That was very generous of them.
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