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  1. This has happened to me quite a few times on here. Someone will post a song that I was just listening to and sometimes a song that I was just about to post. That's why I posted Synchronicity. Quantum entanglement?
  2. The agent will use the top comparables and Benning will use other comparables to counter. They have to find common ground to make it work for both the players and the team. A lot of fans are getting frustrated because this has been going on for months. Some are over-reacting but they are just one segment of the fanbase. The opposite side want to sign them for whatever they're asking for. Most of us want to meet somewhere in the middle.
  3. How did he look in the actual drills? Maybe he worked on his strength and skating technique too much and not enough on his cardio. I'm glad he's okay. For a second there I thought a Rathbone fan sniped him from the stands.
  4. Marner's deal was signed when the cap was increasing yearly. It is flat now so shave some off of that. Point's bridge was 6.75 million and Barzal's is 7 million. Those bridge years should bring down the AAV on a longer term deal. So even if he gets 10 million on the latter half the bridge portion should not automatically be 10 million as well.
  5. Back pedalling again. Show some integrity. You claimed that Green was stifling Petey and it was refuted.
  6. Reductive crap. Are you agreeing with timra that Green is stifling Petey? Every single team uses the dump and chase to some degree. We carry the puck in when the situation allows. That is also dependant on the players on the ice and our level of fatigue. Last season was an anomaly so that slant is for whiners looking for a whining angle.
  7. The choke point is the start of the season. If they're not signed then we lose out on maximizing Ferland's LTIR. The available cap would drop from around 16.5 million to around 13 million. If they do that just to get max dollars, then I will lose a lot of respect for them. I think the top end comparables have to be weighed against some more reasonable ones. I would like to see around 8x9 for Petey and 4x7.5 for Quinn.
  8. Pettersson got 75.1 O zone starts last season and has 67.2 O zone starts over his career. If anything Green has helped him pad his stats.
  9. Debates should be about policy and their implementation. Intentions and possible repercussions of policies as well. The immature attack ad level discourse should be curtailed by the moderator. I agree with the mic control too.
  10. He inferred that people shouldn't comment unless they have negotiated multi-million dollar contracts on a fan forum. It was a ridiculously stupid question. Where are people reading comprehension.
  11. To be clear, I'm still very much a fan of Quinn and Petey and want them to stay as Canucks. As a fan from the start, I also want to win the Cup. That's why I don't want to sacrifice our future just so they can get paid as much as they can squeeze out of us. If we have to trade a roster player to make it work, that weakens our team. Other teams will know our predicament and we might have to add assets to the roster player to make it work. That would further weaken our team; right when we're finally stepping into our window of competitiveness and contending.
  12. .What was your point? That we shouldn't comment on the contract negotiations unless we ourselves have negotiated multi-million dollar contracts?
  13. You're the one who made those claims. Prove you're not full of crap.
  14. What an absolutely stupid question. This is a fan forum not a slimy agents forum.
  15. How about quote the many posters that have suggested sitting them for the entire year. And while you're at it quote the many posters that have said they only deserve 5 million per for three years. There are far more who say 7 million per for three years and sit them for a while if their demands are unreasonable. That's not what you said though is it?
  16. This is nit-picking garbage. Why don't they have a contract? Are you suggesting that they haven't received many options by Benning. They haven't signed any of them, so they are holding out for a better deal. Is that too hard for you to comprehend?
  17. Stupid hyperbole. Maybe one or two posters have suggested sitting them for an entire year. Most people have suggested a bridge deal at around 7-7.5 million. You know. Barzal and Point type money.
  18. Don't pretend to know their intentions are or what they're thinking. By holding out, they've already shown that money is their top priority. If they go to UFA status, then they can get teams into a bidding war for their services. I'm sure their slimy agent would hate that. We would have to make a call at trade deadline to move them or try to get pennies on the dollar for their negotiating rights before UFA opens. Other teams would know the situation and low ball us at the trade deadline limiting our potential return. If we go one year less than UFA and they want out then at least we can get a decent return. We should get a chance to recoup our losses if they don't want to be here. I'm not saying they want out but at this point we have no idea where their heads are at in regards to the future. Quinn may actually want to re-unite with his brothers for all we know and Petey's cryptic comments make his intentions unclear.
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