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  1. Somewhere around the middle of the post I switched my opinion of this idea. Lets go for it. If we struggle, we struggle. If having MD as our backup goaltender is the reason why we struggle, or even the reason we miss the playoffs, then we really didn't deserve to make it and we weren't going to make any noise in the postseason anyway.
  2. 6 -1 Vancouver Boeser Vancouver scores first
  3. 3-2 WPG Copp with the winner Horvat with the first goal of the trip
  4. We've gotta win again at some point right? 4-0 Van Juolevi
  5. 4-3 Van Horvat with the winner Mtl with the first goal
  6. So... you want them to award the Canada Cup to the winner of this year's North Division? I mean sure.... but what about the other divisions? Why just the North division?
  7. He wore an A, but I don't think he had the C Didn't it go Alfredsson>Karlsson>No one? Edit: According to wikipedia I forgot Jason Spezza, but Stone was never the Captain
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