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  1. CDC accounts? I only have 1 :/

  2. Cmon, add me on msn, Please :)

  3. Ew! I have an issue with smiley faces ;)

  4. PM me your email address ;)

  5. hahaha ya. You have msn? Gimme!

  6. Are you brown or white? Make up your frakin mind already.

  7. You're not interested? Screw you you slut!

  8. I'm not allowed to have 2 relationships?

  9. You're the heart in my life.

  10. A little..I was scared.

  11. Hey neighbor. Go to "My control" at the top right. The scroll down, then on the left, it says "change display name".

  12. I'm just right for you. Can I has your msn?

  13. Ignore my last comment. I was high at that time.

    You're just a noob :)

  14. Hi Canucksfanatic28, having 2 accounts isn't allowed :)

  15. Just passing through...

  16. Don't hate cause I like azn sigs.

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