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  1. Just walking through.

  2. fight fight fight fight

  3. Chyeaa boy. Untz untz untz

  4. I see you keep visiting my profile page.

    Can't get enough of me? ;)

  5. And play UFC Undisputed to make both of us happy :)

  6. Right back at you papi.

  7. Great night last night Wilson.

  8. Hey bedbeats! How's it going in Texas? I don't know why I'm asking you this in Justine's profile, but oh well.

  9. Just puttin' on some make up. Can't decide what to wear.

  10. Why not? Change is good.

  11. Dat's cool girl. So life is good?

  12. Hey Heyyyyyyy, how's it hangin?

  13. That's why girls like me. You know...what do they say about guys with big mouths? Tehe

  14. Hey babes. How's it hangin?

  15. You're mouth is too small. You know...cause your asian.

  16. This profile is pimpin with action