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  1. AP would be pretty pricey; for any team for that matter. I meant only that our D could use a SC embattled warrior vet presence. Much like Babych did in the '90s.
  2. I'd be surprised if he didn't make the big team at some point. Would suck to have another Reid Boucher in the farm. I would think before that happens, the 'Nucks would include him in a trade of some sort. But speculating of such things is ultra dumb. So................. It's a wait and see thing..
  3. Acquiring him would indeed be a home run. I believe we need a vet presence of his caliber. He's still got some years yet to be an effective player. By virtue of his winning the big prize last season, he'll be hungry to win again. Can that can happen with Vancouver? I think we have the desire with the players and in the organization for such. It's just a matter of convincing any Pietrangelo type free agents with the dinero and want to be a part of the experience.
  4. A big ass shut down D-man? I'm totally down with that. If Tree can be that guy and more, perhaps that makes Tyler Myers available for movement. TM acquisition seemed questionable to me and I still feel that way. Not worth the dinero we're paying him. However, it's only been 2/3 of a season he's played for us. So much uncertainty cuz' of Covid.
  5. Sorry. no I haven't. the occasional highlights and such that's posted in CDC, but otherwise, no. Don't get me wrong. I'm hopeful about all of the prospects most talked about in here. The past few years since Tree bailed, he has been a subject in this thread since then. Obviously he's made an impression. tTruth be told, on me too. I like following our prospects and make a point of viewing any games on TV involving our own; College, CHL, WJC, etc. I rely on CDC of other prospects not viewable via TV. Much appreciated for sure. The highlights I see are as s
  6. Agreed! I'm not totally sold as some in CDC. I liked what I saw when he played for us. But him leaving for Mother Russia left a sour taste in my mouth. Unofficially, my understanding is his return is conditional in that he doesn't play for Utica. Now I realize CDC'ers generally want this kid playing for us. But do we really want to nurse him through the big leagues without maturing in the farm? Is this cause for concern? Does the forum peanut gallery have that much confidence that he'll make that much of an impact on his 2nd go round? I don't. And I think it
  7. Is everyone just hopeful of Tree's return, or is there actually a legitimate return. I'm not tryin' to be a Debbie Downer, but I don't see the point in discussing how much better we'd be when he's not even in the league. It's all speculative, right?
  8. I understand we're all individuals with personal agendas. At the time and now, Tree's as such, were obviously not gonna be based in North America. Quite frankly if he doesn't want to return to N.A. or the Canucks, so be it! Russian or not. That's not really the issue. At least Goldy, even with his troubles, seems to be trying to make it here. Commitment! That's all one can ask.
  9. If he indulges in hot dogs as much as Krutov did, then it's entirely possible.
  10. Have you done anything to the car ? looks like it would handle pretty good :) I bet you get alot of "is that cavalier ?" lmao

  11. It's a 1994 Eagle Summit coupe. Same as a Dodge/Plymouth Colt and in the USA, Mitsubishi Mirage. Yes. It's mine.





  12. dude what kind of car is in your sig ? i am a total car guy and cannot figure it out ? Looks like 4 cyl turbo for shure but is it a Mitsubishi ?

  13. Nice car :P Personally I wouldn't like it without the kit though

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