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  1. I don’t buy the rebuild gig given who is currently on the roster. Personally, I’m far from a Benning nuthugger and am skeptical on Green but this hockey team has a lot of talent and a lot of their players have underperformed this season and not playing as well as they are capable. Everyone sh*ts on the defence and how bad they have been but I think with a different structure and philosophy they are capable of being at least middle of the pack if not better. They are definitely missing some pieces up front and sorely need a real 3rd line center and more offense from the bottom 6 but this isn’t
  2. Judging by what has transpired here lately with Green and his status moving forwards I honestly think the Aquilini’s are going to take a long hard look at Benning and decide what they want to do with him before extending Travis. I mean, it seems pretty obvious that Jim and Travis have a good thing going given they gloat about each other’s relationship to the media and to me it just screams that Francesco and Co are seriously considering cleaning house this off-season and instilling new direction/coaching for next season.
  3. Shh don’t say that so loud or else some people will get offended around here.
  4. This is the time of year when the Canucks are out of it and string together a few wins to further themselves from better odds at the lottery.
  5. Pretty much this. The days of a one off enforcer on the 4th line are almost over. What’s needed, especially in playoff hockey, is a contagious, physical team culture that every player buys into. It starts with the team leaders and trickles down the roster. A problem that has plagued this team for years.
  6. Bahahahaha okay okay. See Aaron looking for the refs every time he hits the turf.
  7. Clearly you don’t watch enough of the other big sports in NA. The best players get away with a lot more and the favouritism is real. Watch an NFL game on a Sunday and see what happens when Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers get clipped with a late hit.
  8. I mean, I thought there was a remote chance maybe just maybe it’s possible but yeah right. He still has another period.
  9. 13 points in 4 freaking games against the Canucks. Jesus f’n Christ.
  10. Yeah it’s happening tonight Mcdavid is the best player I’ve ever witnessed
  11. Jannik Hansen on 650 yesterday (one of the best former players to listen to for perspective and general knowledge btw, what a great listen he is) was asked about that takedown and he said it’s a major no no and it’s frowned upon by the players as the risk of slamming an opponents head on the ice without a helmet is too great. Nurse got clipped across the chin and resorted to a chicken sh*t takedown to save himself from getting his pride hurt even more.
  12. Yeah, the league doesn’t give a sh*t about the Canucks. When this team is a contender again, it’s gonna be a drag when the league does everything in their power to prevent them from reaching the summit.
  13. Feels good to bump the slump. They’ll probably lose the next game but whatever. Small victories at least. Hamonic needs to be re-signed as his willingness to stand up for teammates and play physical is priceless. Rathbone looks good too.
  14. True number ones, as previously stated, are almost unicorns and extremely hard to come by. I personally like how Carolina has developed their defensive core, with 5 really solid top 4 guys who don’t necessarily play a fancy game yet are solid and stable. With proper structure and a real system unlike the one Baumer wants them to play I feel our guys are capable of much better hockey and could vastly improve next season under a different coach. That being said, Quinn definitely needs that Tanev like partner and I don’t think we have anybody aside from Hamonic who can maybe fill that void. Also,
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