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  1. He’s been outstanding but Garland with the game winner and points in every game thus far making less than 5 mill a year and bringing it nearly every shift he’s winning heart and minds amongst fans in the city at a rapid pace. Petey…take note.
  2. If they continue to look like this well into the home stand and and the top players don’t get going I think it will give Benning no choice but to give this team a new face at the helm to salvage the season. They look exactly the way they did last season with a better roster. Look at Nate Schmidt in Winnipeg..he looks like he did in Vegas..good. Everything just looks..stale and lethargic.
  3. “We didn’t play well enough. But give credit where credit is due..that’s a good team over there. They played well. We need to play better.”
  4. No but they are doing what the coaches are coaching them to do in practice. The PP is not something you just go out there and wing it. It’s no different than the PK, where the coaches clearly want them to stay static in a passive box, use their sticks to take way the shooting/passing lanes and high danger chances by not leaving the back door open.
  5. Podkolzin has some filthy hands and can dish the puck well from what I’ve seen. I don’t understand why he isn’t dressed and why he isn’t tried on the PP. Couldn’t be any worse than what we are witnessing out there.
  6. Hard to believe the expansion team Seattle has a better looking PP with way less offensive talent than the Canucks. Mind boggling.
  7. The passive box defending technique is garbage. This team refuses to move its feet on special teams. Your more prone to giving up high danger chances by leaving the back door open or temporarily losing a man but what does it matter they still suck on the PK even though that goal came after it.
  8. Nice to see them come out with some jump. Kyle Burroughs should be a mainstay on that 3rd pairing he’s played exceptionally well so far.
  9. I think he needs to adapt his game a bit. In his rookie year nobody had the book on him yet and he thrived. Now teams know if you relentlessly check him hard and take away his time and space you can contain him and prevent him from making you look silly. The Sedins are prime example of having to adapt their style of play to really thrive. Remember, It took them a few years. I think a lot of it is in his head, too. He gets frustrated when things aren’t going his way and it forces him to try and do too much thus trying low percentage passes and plays turning the puck over. Also, he isn’t shooting the puck as much as he used to. It’s his best weapon and I hope he starts using it more, especially on the PP.
  10. All teams are going to have bad games in a long season. It’s inevitable. Even Tampa has looked flat in a couple of games this season. That being said, the Canucks seem to make it a habit of looking unready to play in the 1st period and having to claw and fight their way back into in the latter half. That formula, to me, can only win you so many games a season. It’s been an issue for years and it’s concerning because this should be the year that they take the next step and make the playoffs. It’s early and I’m confident this is a playoff team but I’d like to see more consistency from them.
  11. I’m skeptical. I still see a ton of sloppy play in both ends of the ice and routinely see the same mistakes as last season. You can say a wins a win which is fine but for some reason the Canucks seem to always come out flat. You can recover as the game goes on against bad to mediocre teams like the ones they have been playing but it’s going to be a tough hill to climb if you get down against good teams early and have to claw your way back into it heavily relying on great goaltending and a few lucky bounces which seems to be a common theme at least from the eye test. I don’t think they play a sustainable way of hockey for long term success over 82 games.
  12. If the Canucks don’t tighten up defensively and start playing a full 60 minutes for a majority of their games they are going to find themselves in a hole by the quarter mark of the season they are going to have a hard time climbing out of. The whole didn’t play well enough tonight narrative we hear too often doesn’t cut it. The players need to buy in to what they are being coached and start executing it or find a new coach who can get the most out of this group. Give it a few more games before making any real judgment but so far the on ice product looks eerily similar to last season.
  13. Hopefully a statement game from the Canucks. It’d be nice for them to come out in the first period and get ahead early, control the play, and not let off once they get a lead. Buffalo is a bad, bad team so go out there, step on their throats, and don’t let off.
  14. Burroughs and Poolman are making a difference back there. Keeping it simple and steady. Refreshing to see a defence that doesn’t resemble a tire fire and plays hot potato with the puck under pressure.
  15. I notice Podkolzin is playing tentatively which is understandable for a young rookie but given his track record as a bull in a China shop type of player he needs to step on the gas and start playing like it if he wants to keep a spot in the lineup.
  16. Chasing the play too much. Not handling the aggressive forecheck well and having a problem clearing the zone. Same ol same ol. Oh well it’s early.
  17. No, but in reality a good portion of guys in the league are doing blow.
  18. Playoff hockey is a dog eat dog environment. If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.
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