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  1. And on that note, I bid everyone Adieu, see you all in 4 years. Trump 2020 bitches!
  2. More pompous smarmy name calling with that unearned superiority complex. You're nowhere near as clever or smart as you think you are.
  3. I heartily encourage anyone who doesn't like what I post to block me. But I bet I've gotten more plusses than anyone on this thread since I showed up. Don't worry, I'll be gone soon.
  4. Trump - "Hillary destroyed 15 iPhones with a hammer to get rid of evidence." Snopes - "They were Blackberries."
  5. That lawsuit was put together by the same guy that harrassed Courtney Love for years accusing her of killing Kurt Cobain and some other weird story about Casey Anthony.
  6. Clinton didn't want to take the stand because he already got caught lying under oath about Monica Lewinsky...and got disbarred for it. He was no longer a credible witness and he would have lost the case. And you seriously think Juanita Broaderrick is still lying after all these years?
  7. Out of a dozen plus rape accusations that still stand today (see the debate), he has paid out $850 000 for sexual harrassment so far. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/clinton/stories/jones111498.htm
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