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  1. That totally wasnt me. I just found LC a couple of months ago :P

  2. Dude you sent me a message when you were "traitor13" saying you were GQ and to link me to the new site lol

  3. They banned me from LC and I dont know why. I sent an e-mail to the admins but they dont seem to want to respond. I dont think any rules were broken. Im just a girl looking for a good time :(

  4. lol typical GQ maneover. Did you get banned again?

  5. I have no idea what you are talking about. :P

  6. Alright Mr.GQ how be it?

  7. Id suggest u play mafia, but Im not sure what the time diff would be. Nightfall is at midnight pacific

  8. Alright. Hows it goin? 88 degrees here. :)

  9. Quit stalking me you troll! :)

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