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  1. God speed Alex! You are now in the smallest, clearest fishbowl ever.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Any worse than the zoo here? 

    2. Coconuts



  2. I really see pulling the goaltender as fatal. Its Hari Kari! Winning or even tying the game seems more likely 5-on-5 or whatever scenario that keeps the goalie in the net. I think just the number of shorthanded goals against versus the (zero) number of goals scored with the goaltender pulled should be somewhat evident.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Didn't we tie a game with Calgary with the tender pulled? 

      I don't agree with it. I think it should be a 1:00 minute drill, and only for the last minute. 

      But our defensive play is sloppy so it's a very risky gamble. 

  3. Caroline Cameron may in fact be the female version of Bieksa!

  4. [Proposal] Hire Bieksa in some sort of coaching capacity - the closer to the top the better!

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Who's driving Baumer to the airport now that Burke's working in Pittsburgh?

    2. Ghostsof1915


      I'll do it. But he has to wear a mask, and handle his own suitcase. 

    3. hammertime


      Bieksa would be perfect for this team he was a turnover machine and king of ill timed pinches. 


      In all seriousness though once we lost Kes he was literally the only player on the team who could cross the blueline with possession. Dark days.


      Would love to see him replace Baumer.  

  5. I use Sportsnet Now, from a Bell TV service subscription using a Shaw internet connection. There are some bumps in the road, along the way; but it is definitely better than illegal streams. EDIT: All 1080p or less.
  6. Dear Canucks,

    Please play a strong defensive game tonight.


    DrvByBodyPierce and the Canucks' fanbase.

  7. Saved by the Bell was my favourite show in its prime. RIP Screech!
  8. #36?!? ...Honey Badger 2.0!!!

  9. Jets vs. Oilers blacked out in favour of Bruins vs. Penguins.... sweeeeeeeeet. <_<

  10. With the way things are going for the defence, his 6M might end up on LTIR!
  11. A year from now you'd be bitching about asset management with either Demko or Markstrom going to Seattle...
  12. What's lit?

    1. TNucks1


      i dunno, my ceiling lights are pretty lit atm.

  13. As long as there is no rift between teammates because of it; but, we can't see what goes on while they are off the ice.
  14. All the protocols are just "tools", not solutions. So many people seem to believe that if one thing works, than the other isn't necessary, and otherwise the one thing must not be working. But, they are a sum of parts, all lifting the overall efficacy of implementing all protocols.
  15. Sounds like they left their "bubble area" as well as just hanging out in their designated area. In any case, they came to an agreement with their employer in order to resume operation...and are paid hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Live up to your contract!