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  1. Another morning game?!? ...This is some bull$&!#!!!



      It always amazes me how the Canucks schedule gets changed for other teams, even when they come into our building.

      How convenient for them,and it throws us into a disadvantage .

      Thanks for nothing NHL


      7pm game in Vancouver not new jersey at 10 am. in our building, or 7 pm game in Vancouver not 4 pm just for Toronto.

      12:30 in Washington,is brutal for a road team to travel to, so automatic advantage to the Capitals.

      These Eastern teams get coddled way too much.TV SCHEDULES BE DAMNED.but Canuck fans know what I am talking about.OK i have bitched long enough

    2. Baer.


      @DADDYROCK I see people post about this a lot. what they don't realize is the canucks force eastern teams to start at 7pm PST every time they are in vancouver. Just look at the schedule. You think the Senators will like playing a game at 10PM eastern when they are here on Dec 3? Also, when the Canucks are visiting Edmonton on the 30th, it will be at 8pm local time. They moved the game forward an hour just for us here in Vancouver. The Leafs visit the canucks on December 10th. 7pm PST game start time.


      Think like football. They have 3 tv slots for games. Some teams eventually get morning games. There will be 2 in January, and 3 in February.


      Canucks already skated and practiced today anyways.


      PS. I actually like early games on weekends anyways. Don't have to wait all day for the game, i can watch it with my coffee.

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Each player has their own game day ritual. Adding 3 extra hours doesn't hurt players until they have to take it back on the return trip, typically padded by 2+ free days at the end of a cross-country roadtrip, regardless of direction.

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