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  1. Nice analysis, just a quick thought on some math related points.

    Give Away/Take Away ratio might be better suited as Take Away/Give Away ratio to describe your numbers.

    Having a G/T ratio greater than 1 means you have more give aways, having a T/G ratio greater than 1 means you have more take aways.

    EDIT: Example:

    Kesler Tka = 45, Gva = 14... G/Tr = 14/45 = 0.31... T/Gr = 45/14 = 3.21

  2. these make me laugh everytime, thanks optimist.

    Most overused reaction on CDC, pathetic attempts at sarcasim.

    Hey yanana...

    Not sure if your response was directed toward me, because it doesn't make any sense. There was no sarcasm in my post, just a blunt observation. And yes, its spelled sarcasm, not "sarcasim".

    Please learn how to spell, and maybe even the meaning of sarcasm before trying to flame someone, or rather, your pathetic attempt at trying to flame someone.

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