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  1. 18 minutes ago, brownky said:

    It also leads to defencemen getting mashed in the corners and thus worn out / injured.


    Just because a couple (now retired) goalies were really good at it doesn't mean it shouldn't be gone. Watching Luongo handle the puck 'frequently' would have made for butt-clenching excitement and force goalies to actually be better at it or stay in the net.


    Look at Price - he's really good at it and it forces teams that play ONE WAY to figure out how to play differently. Or lose.


    Mike Smith is 'good but overconfident' at it - he screws up and it's hilarious.


    Now I like hitting, and think our team doesn't do enough of it on the forecheck with the trapezoid in place. But I also like players who have their own set of skills being able to use them, and a reduction in injuries. With the hybrid icing being what it is, I think the trapezoid's purpose has somewhat gone the dodo as well - a close icing call would mean the goalie 'plays it' in the old days and guys would go extra hard (into the wall, usually) trying to beat the play.


    Fewer injuries is better for the game.

    The onus should be on the players to not inflict unnecessary injuries. Players don't have to destroy others in the corners to enable more offence. And were the goaltenders allowed to play the puck in those zones, more would practice it and improve...not just some "retired" goaltenders.


    If you want to take out injuries by reducing the plays that skaters can make, might as well not let them carry the puck behind the net...or up through the neutral zone and access the offensive blue line, where the bone crushing open ice hits occur. #NoHittingLeague

  2. Disagree. Eliminating the trapezoid makes the game much more boring by killing a lot of the dump and chase plays. The goaltender easily makes it to the puck first, can't be hit and softly plays the puck out, tennis-style. This eliminates a lot of puck battles in the corners and thus potential offence.


    Eloquently coined, "The Martin Brodeur Rule".

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  3. 33 minutes ago, LionofJudah said:

    More concerned with what the other player must have said to set him off. He looked like he had calmed some and then something was said and he lost it. "Tell Kelly I said hi"? 

    Maybe more like, "...is what Kelly's favourite panties look like." And he was right!

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  4. Canucks' AHL affiliate may move from Utica

    Robert Esche, president of the Utica Comets, appears to be preparing for a possible change in affiliation.

    Author of the article:
    Patrick Johnston
    Publishing date:

    Apr 17, 2021  • Last Updated 21 hours ago  •  2 minute read



    It’s not a done deal, but there’s a chance the Utica Comets may not be affiliated with the Vancouver Canucks in 2021-22.


    Comets president Robert Esche registered “Utica Devils” as a trademark with the U.S. government’s Trademark and Patent Office earlier this month, a step that suggests he’s preparing for the possibility his Utica, N.Y.-based team will change NHL parent clubs ahead of next season.

    “I’m not aware of any information regarding this,” a spokesperson for the Utica Comets said in an email.



    The Canucks’ current six-year deal with the Comets, which began with the 2019-20 season, features an opt-out clause after the current season. The Canucks would have to exercise the option to leave Utica for the Devils to take over.


    The AHL’s board of governors would have final say on a relocation but it’s unlikely they would turn down a move. And while far-flung teams like the St. John’s Growlers once subsidized opposing teams to travel to play them — St. John’s and Charlotte were the last two teams to do so — that practice has been prohibited by the AHL board.


    The Comets have been a dual affiliation this season between the Canucks and the St. Louis Blues, due to COVID-19 border controls. The Canucks kept a number of players on their taxi squad who would normally be assigned outright to the AHL and also loaned several players to Canadian-based AHL teams so they wouldn’t have to quarantine as long if they were to be recalled.


    Since first joining up in the 2013-14 season, the Canucks have taken care of player and coach salaries, while Esche’s Mohawk Valley Garden Inc. pays for the rest. The Canucks own the actual AHL franchise but the physical team belongs to Esche and his partners, who pay the Canucks an annual fee to operate the franchise.

    Whether the Canucks would simply switch affiliations to Binghamton, which is about two hours south of Utica, isn’t known and a comment from the Canucks wasn’t yet available.


    Canucks ownership has expressed interest in using the Abbotsford Centre, which was formerly home to the AHL’s Abbotsford Heat, as a base for their AHL team in the past. A number of NHL teams, including the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, have moved their AHL teams to California in recent years.


    They also might look at the Pacific Coliseum.


    The New Jersey Devils based their AHL affiliate in Utica from 1987 to 1993 and that team was called the Utica Devils.



  5. Health first! Of these kids AND their families! No shame in wherever they choose to end the season. But I know, that even while sick, the competitive nature of professional athletes will still rise to the forefront. While still in mathematical striking distance of a playoff spot, there is no way some players aren't still thinking about the remote possibility, even if they should be thinking about rest and recovery.

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