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  1. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/former-canucks-jake-virtanen-contract-khl-russia




    Sport24 is reporting that the former Vancouver Canucks winger has been offered a contract with SKA St. Petersburg — Vasily Podkolzin’s former team in the KHL. The deal offered is reportedly worth 60 million rubles, which translates to about $816,000 USD.


    The KHL regular season schedule begins much earlier than the NHL, with SKA’s first game set for Thursday.


    Virtanen was due to make $3.4 million USD next season, but was bought out by the Canucks in late July at one-third of his $3 million base salary. He’ll receive $500,000 from the Canucks in each of the next two seasons.


    The 25-year-old from Abbotsford never played another game for the Canucks after he was placed on leave on May 1, when sexual misconduct allegations about him became public.


    “Our organization does not accept sexual misconduct of any kind, and the claims as reported are being treated very seriously by us,” the Canucks said in a media release at the time.


    An investigation by the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) has been launched, and a lawsuit was filed against Virtanen by a woman in civil court. Virtanen denies the allegations against him.

  2. Defenseman Brendan Smith, 32, left the New York Rangers over the offseason and signed a one-year deal with the Carolina Hurricanes.


    On Friday, Smith was a guest on SiriusXM NHL Network Radio’s Hockey Today and was asked about the Tom Wilson incident from last May.


    Wilson’s antics led to a line brawl between the two teams which saw the Capitals enforcer punch Pavel Buchnevich from behind and ragdoll superstar Artemi Panarin to the ice after the All-Star jumped in to defend his teammate. The fireworks led to a bizarre, overly aggressive press release from the Rangers, which saw the team call Wilson’s actions a “horrifying act of violence.” A second line-brawl occurred during the teams’ rematch two nights later where Smith eventually fought Wilson. Weeks later, the Rangers cleaned house, firing virtually everyone in the front office and its coaching staff. New Rangers GM Chris Drury then signed three enforcers over the offseason, including Ryan Reaves. Barclay Goodrow predicted the two teams’ Opening Night game should be “interesting.”


    What seems like a vast overreaction is not according to Smith, who explained there are things yet to be revealed that will make the Rangers the protagonists in this story.


    “It was quite an interesting 48 hours or whatever it was,” Smith said. “I was definitely a little nervous. Tom’s one of the toughest guys in the league. He’s a heavyweight so that’s an interesting task for myself as I wouldn’t consider myself a heavyweight by any means. You just have to answer the bell.


    “To be honest, once my career is over, there’ll be more info that will come to fruition about the whole incident,” Smith added. “All I can say at the moment is that I personally wish the league handled it a little bit differently. I think that we had to take care of our superstars 100 percent and then it wouldn’t have hit the fan like it did.”


    While the two teams’ violence might seem ridiculous to some, Smith said that the heart shown in all the fights is what he cherishes most about the sport.


    “The one thing that I love about hockey is that guys stand up for each other,” Smith said. “I was so impressed and it gave me chills to see what the players on the Rangers did. It speak volumes, not just for the New York Rangers, but the league itself. I also have to attest for a lot of the Washington players. It should not have been their fight or their battle, but that’s why I love the game so much.”


    But those additional details about Wilson and the fight. Smith was not spilling.


    “Like I said, in 15 years when my career is over, there will be more things that will come up,” Smith said. “As of right now, we try to keep it a little bit closer to home and I’ll say how impressed I was about how everything was handled.”




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  3. 18 minutes ago, brownky said:

    It also leads to defencemen getting mashed in the corners and thus worn out / injured.


    Just because a couple (now retired) goalies were really good at it doesn't mean it shouldn't be gone. Watching Luongo handle the puck 'frequently' would have made for butt-clenching excitement and force goalies to actually be better at it or stay in the net.


    Look at Price - he's really good at it and it forces teams that play ONE WAY to figure out how to play differently. Or lose.


    Mike Smith is 'good but overconfident' at it - he screws up and it's hilarious.


    Now I like hitting, and think our team doesn't do enough of it on the forecheck with the trapezoid in place. But I also like players who have their own set of skills being able to use them, and a reduction in injuries. With the hybrid icing being what it is, I think the trapezoid's purpose has somewhat gone the dodo as well - a close icing call would mean the goalie 'plays it' in the old days and guys would go extra hard (into the wall, usually) trying to beat the play.


    Fewer injuries is better for the game.

    The onus should be on the players to not inflict unnecessary injuries. Players don't have to destroy others in the corners to enable more offence. And were the goaltenders allowed to play the puck in those zones, more would practice it and improve...not just some "retired" goaltenders.


    If you want to take out injuries by reducing the plays that skaters can make, might as well not let them carry the puck behind the net...or up through the neutral zone and access the offensive blue line, where the bone crushing open ice hits occur. #NoHittingLeague

  4. Disagree. Eliminating the trapezoid makes the game much more boring by killing a lot of the dump and chase plays. The goaltender easily makes it to the puck first, can't be hit and softly plays the puck out, tennis-style. This eliminates a lot of puck battles in the corners and thus potential offence.


    Eloquently coined, "The Martin Brodeur Rule".

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