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  1. Jets vs. Oilers blacked out in favour of Bruins vs. Penguins.... sweeeeeeeeet. <_<

  2. With the way things are going for the defence, his 6M might end up on LTIR!
  3. A year from now you'd be bitching about asset management with either Demko or Markstrom going to Seattle...
  4. What's lit?

    1. TNucks1


      i dunno, my ceiling lights are pretty lit atm.

  5. As long as there is no rift between teammates because of it; but, we can't see what goes on while they are off the ice.
  6. All the protocols are just "tools", not solutions. So many people seem to believe that if one thing works, than the other isn't necessary, and otherwise the one thing must not be working. But, they are a sum of parts, all lifting the overall efficacy of implementing all protocols.
  7. Sounds like they left their "bubble area" as well as just hanging out in their designated area. In any case, they came to an agreement with their employer in order to resume operation...and are paid hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Live up to your contract!
  8. I have noticed he has had his fair share of broken sticks as well, and then became kind of skittish, passing instead of unloading...perhaps time to switch, a $&!#ty batch or... (tinfoil hat drumroll) sabotage! Whatever the case, hopefully that can be sorted out as well, and he will be comfortable sooner rather than later.
  9. I think Calgary needs Loui for their taxi squad to complement the other ex-Canucks.

    1. BoKnows


      I agree

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Git'r done JB! 

  10. The slight delay in commentary calls from John Shorthouse watching a video stream in Vancouver, instead of live from arena where the game is being played, might send me into full blown OCD.

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Oh, that's why? I thought SN just &^@#ed up.



  11. Kes and Backes might be doing wheelchair races before the year is done.
  12. With Shaw myself...I find I need to power-cycle EVERYTHING connected to the network every week or so. Makes a world of difference. Something in their encyption coding causes a build up and overuse of memory.
  13. I also hope that everyone has a safe and happy weekend! #spreadthelove

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      love is spread. keep safe too.

  14. Perhaps exclusive light stores (we have a couple in Kelowna), or electronic component supply stores (also a couple in Kelowna)?
  15. Being in the interior, I'm not sure of the store situation there... I did stumble across this which may shed some light. =P https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.instructables.com/DIY-E14-to-E12-Light-bulb-adapter-from-a-E14-light/%3Famp_page%3Dtrue&ved=2ahUKEwjtpI6d0vbsAhXBr54KHYZGAeIQFjASegQIFRAB&usg=AOvVaw0Nn3q7CUXdS8CfJSYUYFWX&ampcf=1
  16. Maybe you could find a thread adapter at a plumbing store?
  17. Both main pieces are redundant to each opposing team, in my opinion. Especially given the "flat cap" circumstances.
  18. Set up to be the underdog for another season....place you bets!

    1. Chickenspear


      Playnow.com actually has us tied for 9th in their '20-'21 cup betting 21:1 right now

    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      I guess some people have been betting on the Canucks already! But betting site odds are almost solely based upon who has put money where...not any actual sport performance stat.

  19. I believe burying him in the minors brings the league minimum in cap relief, and then that spot must be filled on the roster. And, burying NHL-capable players in the minors, just when you feel like you are done with them, is hardly a way to attract other talent to come play on your team as well.
  20. My prediction: nothing major will happen for the Canucks tomorrow, and certain portions of the "fan"-base will be in an uproar!

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    2. Master Mind
    3. naslund.is.king


      is that including Marky,TT and Tanev?

    4. canuktravella


       nah big trades and benning has a bunch of plans in the works 

  21. I think everyone who follows hockey knows that its "off-season".... I am not even sure the post qualifies for what should be a "proposal"?!?!
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