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  1. 3 hours ago, Alflives said:

    When a fan really REALLY hates the two teams playing, what do ya cheer for? 

    Watching Flames vs Sharks.  I like hickey and want to watch, but what do I cheer for?  

    The outcome that helps the Canucks the most in relevant standings. :frantic:

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  2. @debluvscanucks

    I'm gonna come read through this all again later...but even CEO(s) of large vaping companies are strongly recommending that not smokers should not start vaping - based on the near-epidemic spike in lung infection/disease, directly correlated to vaping. And if the company had a CEO, chances are its not a "cheap vape".

  3. 1 hour ago, canuktravella said:

    Van has a good bunch of vets  to help the up comers    (elder, myers, benn,pearson, miller, beagle, roussel, ferland)

    youth core -  petey virtanen goldobin boeser hughes stecher

    then there's  young guns I hope make team  macewen, gaudette, juolevi, brisebois, lind, gadvovich, jasek, sauntner,  all these guys will be call ups in the yr first 3 might make team straight up at camp. 

      horribble signings pure waste of 7.9mill  schaller eriksson these two should be waived sent to minors adds 1.8 mill in cape relief or traded.

    Trade eriksson and sutter retain a mill  on sutter 9.4 out  to senators for hainsey and bobby ryan 10.75 in 

    reason why gets rid of two horrible contracts in  eriksson and sutter  cheap melnyk saves 3 mill in actual cash  seen Louies gets 3 mill a yr in cash 

    hainsey contract expires end of yr so perfect could even waive him.   bobby Ryan can actually score goals.

    baertchi for a 2nd rounder at deadline and b prospect

    tanev for a 2nd and 3rd rounder at deadline or sooner 

    markstrom for 1st and 3rd at deadline tons of teams have garbage goal tending wee could do well unloading him.



    Ferland Pettersson Boeser

    Miller Horvat Ryan

    Goldobin Gaudette Virtanen 

    Pearson Beagle Roussel



    Hughes Myers

    Edler Stecher

    Juolevi Benn 




    trade for a decent backup 





    I'm guessing this all made sense in your head...???

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