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  1. Down on the corner out by the polls donny and the poor boys are watching try to vote theyll shoot you full of holes
  2. If that had been their intent i wouldn't hate so much,but i wont give credit for them accidentally having good come out of their horrible tenure
  3. Just take an hour or two away from the thread guys, no sense getting banned over this
  4. What an interesting time to be alive. And thank god i live in canada
  5. Pto at most and it would still leave a bad taste in my mouth
  6. Would it make more sense for markstrom to sign and agree to be exposed knowing it would at least be close to vancouver and would be easier on his family than moving across the continent?
  7. And didnt reports say that edler was going to sign a big long term deal? If I remember correctly myers was supposed tobe at least a mill more and a year longer.... i trust those reports as much as i trust a fart after i eat taco bell drunk