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  1. Sadly there was plenty of safer space just 100 feet up the road. Theres a borderline abandoned storage facility there but would have been a much safer place to pull into
  2. Who are you going to replace edler with? If you can put together 3 rhd that are better than him for a decent cap hit i will gladly listen. But we have a severe deficiency in that position so i wouldnt just walk from him for the hell of it. No one is claiming he is top pairing or maybe even top 4 at this point but ifwe can get for for a million for a year then we would be foolish not to have him on the third pairing to mentor our next generation
  3. Im perfectly ok keeping edler on a very team friendly 1 year deal with a possibility of another 1 year deal. But not if it comes anywhere neer the price of giving up hughes. Thats just insane
  4. Take a detour through coombs and go to the market there. They have a good ice cream spot plus a donut store that is awesome. Plus seeing the goats is always fun
  5. Glad to know no one got injured. They usually have a good selection of fireworks so i was very worried about those going off around people. Yeah im from port alberni so this is heartbreaking for us. Its a local landmark for us and even if it gets rebuilt it will never be the same
  6. Fire at Whiskey Creek gas station, Highway 4 has reopened June 18, 2021 UPDATED CHEK Firefighters responding to a gas station fire in Whiskey Creek Thursday. UPDATE: A stretch of Highway 4 has reopened following a large fire at a gas station in Whiskey Creek. The fire sparked at the Mid-Island Co-op located along Highway 4, near Epron Rd. Highway 4 is the route that connec
  7. Doesnt mean they are good, but the gop has dug the bar so low its hard to not be better than them
  8. I am absolutely appalled that green isnt nominated edit: oh this is for best coach, nevermind.
  9. Im actually scared what might happen when he dies. It has to be extremely obvious that it was natural causes or his supporters are going to go nuts with conspiracy theories about how it was pelosi slipping something in his drink to kill him or something.
  10. Yes, but to be fair kanye would have been a step up from trump
  11. I thought daniel was the 2nd pick which is why he was number 22
  12. Im telling myself we are picking 11th and anything higher is a bonus
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