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  1. I was happy enough to come to vancouver on the weekend to see the lions play (well, attempt to play). i think that will be enough for me for now
  2. Go back and read the first few pages of his topic when we drafted him. He is already better than a lot of people expected him to be
  3. Im mainly worried about eichels future health. Sure he should recover but ive been a canuck fan way too long to think that we wouldnt be regretting that trade awfully quick. Especially with the hit to the locker rooms chemistry, thats something i dont want to mess with at this point of our rebuild.
  4. Say that again in 5 years. Him and hughes will be rewriting our record book
  5. So you would trade one of if not the best player we have ever had for a player who still has yet to have the surgery that might allow him to regain his form and a chance at a lottery pick. Lets be real, even if buffalo finished last we most likely wont be picking first, thats just our luck. Plus it would severely hurt the chemistry we have in the locker room and set this rebuild back a couple years. Do you think boeser is going to be happy if his friend is gone and our team has another horrible season? I wouldnt be surprised if he walked after that.
  6. Needs to get a top notch life coach too. He cant seem to do anything right
  7. Sarcasm right? I wouldnt trade petey for eichel if it came with their next 2 first round picks
  8. If you live on the mainland yeah. Its &^@#ing expensive if you live on the island
  9. Yeah when i got my test done a few months ago it was 24 hours and that was island health too. It was probably less busy then than it is now though
  10. But have you seen doogie kamealoha? Thats where the real knowledge lies
  11. Been to a restaurant and a movie and so far they have just looked at it. Seems like its very open for fraud
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