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  1. I hope that if they do select him they actually give him some decent minutes
  2. I thought so too. At this point im not expecting him till next year but i will happily be proven wrong
  3. Did benning mean to trade jake and screwed up the paperwork? Im usually pretty trusting of jb but this one is a head scratcher
  4. 2 assists and a goal in what i believe was an elimination game, so yes he did
  5. Supposed to be, but its extremely easy for a big company to push the limits if they dont have someone to fight against them. A union free environment is a privilege companies need to earn by treating their employees better, and in my experience most companies do not deserve that privilege
  6. Its not always about having the laws, but about having someone on your side to help you fight.
  7. Same, some blue and green mixed in would be nice
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