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  1. There was a time when they made good games too, ea has just dropped overall
  2. From what i see on capfrindly, he has 29 million left on his contract. Take away taxes, agents fees,escrow, living costs and apparent legal liabilities and he is still way behind with no guarantee of any meaningful contract after this one is fulfilled.
  3. I have a feeling he will be the majority of that list by the end of his time here
  4. Anyone know when he will most likely be actually signed? I know we have to wait for ferland to go on ltir but i dont know when that will be official
  5. Could be harder to make trades this year if players have to quarantine to cross the border. I cant imagine american teams trading with canadian teams if the player isn’t available for potentially 5 games, and with how close the Canadian division should be there probably wont be any sellers at the deadline
  6. And that winger is most likely in the system waiting
  7. Easy for me to say, but if i had previously been awarded that medal i would consider returning it
  8. Vintage kind of beat you to the punch by a few hours, happy as can be if this comes true though
  9. I bet they are glad this happened after the election, this hesitation could have sunk it for them