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  1. If you live on the mainland yeah. Its &^@#ing expensive if you live on the island
  2. Yeah when i got my test done a few months ago it was 24 hours and that was island health too. It was probably less busy then than it is now though
  3. But have you seen doogie kamealoha? Thats where the real knowledge lies
  4. Been to a restaurant and a movie and so far they have just looked at it. Seems like its very open for fraud
  5. Say your prayers if you dont get the jab
  6. I really wish baseball had more teams in the playoffs, i hate seeing 60% of the league out of the race by the all star break
  7. And how much would miller get if he was a free agent today? Probably pretty close to peteys contract now i think.
  8. He is more effective at his job than either of those two and he would be in much higher demand in an open market. Thats why he gets paid more and by year 3 of this contract will definitely be earning his cap hit if not more
  9. When they signed their last contract they already werent in their prime. Daniel had 47 points and hank had 50. Not exactly greats stats to be paying 7 million for. I would sign petey for his contract before either of the sedins for their last contract anyday.
  10. This has been my point for years now, why shouldnt the players be getting a large chunk of the revenues when its their bodies on the line. I would rather players to get my ticket/ merch money than see more of it go to aqualinis pocket
  11. The sedins hadnt won anything when they signed those deals. Henrik won the year after they signed and daniel won the year after that. Petey and Quin also signed for a smaller cap hit relative to the sedins at the time. Do you really think the sedins would have signed the same deal if they played today? I bet they would be in the 7.5 to 8.5 million range as well
  12. The best part of the tsunami warnings is all the idiots who rush to the inlet to watch the wave come in. Im not f&$#ing joking we have a 100 or so people do it every damned time. I dont know what they are expecting, either there is no wave and therefore no show, or there is a wave and they have a quick death coming for them. I really question what is wrong with my town some times.
  13. Hey we got enough problems on the island… try living in port alberni in normal times, let alone with a town full of anti vaxxers
  14. I definitely would have wanted that nugget of information before i signed him to that deal
  15. I dont think it has. I think he probably has gotten the vaccine but is concerned with the chances of bringing covid home to his daughter. No evidence to support this,just my interpretation of whats going on
  16. I honestly dont know if i should laugh because he is going to take a big hit financially or cry because all of human evolution has lead to a quarter of the population willing to throw themselves into traffic blindfolded rather than take even the simplest safety precautions seriously.
  17. He seems like a douche regardless of his opinions on covid
  18. Two things 1: We have no real idea what the hold up is at this point other than speculation from reporters who may just be being used by both sides to sway public opinion. For all we know it could be the length of the contract, trade protection or how much is paid each year.We really should wait until the deal is announced before we write off two great players like petey and hughes. 2: I never really understood the hate players get for wanting to get the money thats available to them, all i ever hear is how greedy players are when its them who busted their asses their entire lives to have a chance at the nhl. Their careers could be done or at least derailed at any point (see Malhotra for example) so it makes sense for them to get what they can as early as they can. Also its not like the other side of the negotiations are poor beggars, they are billionaire owners who willingly bought into the nhl so i feel no sympathy towards them. The players are the ones who are sacrificing their bodies for our entertainment and if anyone deserves a good chunk of the billions the nhl makes each year then it should be the players. They are the top of their fields and deserve market value for their services.
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