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  1. 3-2 Canucks Dickenson with the winner Boeser with the first goal
  2. Feel good about a 4-3 final. Gut says Chicago heart says Vancouver. Prediction is 4-3 Canucks Miller Canucks more shots
  3. 3-2 Oilers McJesus GWG Höglander Canucks first goal
  4. Not enough time to get your booster before the game starts
  5. I wonder if two vaccines will be enough? Or will you need to get regular boosters to get in?
  6. When I was a teenager I struggled with many mental health issues and being a Canuck fan was always one of those things that kept me going when things seemed too difficult. When I was around 15 (2007ish) I was really fortunate to win a CDC contest and scored this team signed away jersey. Over time this jersey has become very special to me as it not only has some of the Canucks greats (nazzy, Morrison, luongo, sedins, ohlund, Linden, etc.) but a few of our lost souls (Rypien, Demitra, and Bourdon) hence why I got bourdon stitched on it. Rypien was a tough loss and will forever be in my heart.
  7. I’ve been with enough bat-shi* crazy broads to know what we’re dealing with here. I am sure Evander ain’t no angel but this broad is about as credible as the mainstream media.
  8. Just in time for flu season to kick in and a “variant” the vaccine doesn’t help with to take over. Enjoy your summer because this perpetual cycle just ain’t over yet.
  9. Hockey without fans is uninspiring anyways. I say whatever happens this year who cares. As long as we’re stuck with LE’s contract we’re kinda effed anyways. If we can steal another prospect or two in the draft that would be a great reward for this bunk ass year.
  10. 3 games into a weird covid season with virtually no training camp and y’all are buggin already. Chill out.
  11. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/2069452 Welcome to Vancouver Braden. Anyone one else want to come sign here?
  12. I had the letter F in mind Edit: should have read the thread first lol
  13. Funny I just found this in my garage this weekend. Seemed fitting.
  14. What a nice feeling it is to wake up this morning knowing that wasn’t just a dream.
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