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  1. I've decided that canucks are the most rabid fan base in the NHL for the same reason people are grumpy in a sex less marriage
  2. Father time catches up with everyone. It's not about his heart, it's about what his body is capable of
  3. Agreed. One game , but he wasn't coming out of the corner with the puck as often as advertised. Just something for him to work on . An off night imo
  4. I've never seen a gm draft this many NHL players , or build an elite core with zero top 3 picks like this U go down his list in redrafts , and he picked the consensus 1st overall in Pettersson, Hughes is 1st or second on allot of redraft lists, boeser , and on and on.
  5. Pettersson is a 9 million dollar forward right now Jim has done everything he can do on paper. No gm could give Vancouver this drafting, and this overall roster we have today like he has. The guy literally built this team through the draft with a batting average never seen before imo. Now he's proven he can do contracts too
  6. Hughes locked up that long for under 8 million is an amazing deal imo. Pettersson even willing to sign for less than 7.5 is amazing too, no matter what the term is.
  7. Is it just me , or even with the 3 year term for Pettersson, he's worth way more than that even on a bridge deal? Under 8 is an absolute steal . Under 7.5? Wow Hughes ? That will be one of the best contracts in the NHL in 4 years
  8. Can't help being a multi generational prick. It's in the blood.
  9. - the Canucks are going to give klimovich a hard long look, Heez expected to be with the team till the end of camp". Trust me on the source
  10. Maybe they are watching their waist? Are you saying the person doesn't have the right to know if sausage is made properly?
  11. Same way Trudeau makes it "work". Pick more from the money tree obviously
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