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  1. what do you want? you freaking weirdo

  2. be my vice president in white noise!!

  3. why did i click it

  4. i see you've been preaching the good word in my absence.

  5. did you hear the one about the spoon?

  6. haha no problem.

    i heard rumours about an epic view count, so i had to check it out for myself .

  7. you chose a pretty good day to be born on.

    march 5 4life.

  8. haha i cant dislike someone that i have never met. i just like making fun of people, its nothing personal.

    i actually live on the island. im going to the victoria show, and the tickets go on sale on saturday.

    thanks anyways though.

  9. haha. no sorry, i dont know what ND is.

    i just say "mer mer mer" from time to time.

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