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  1. Point taken, yet it was just awkward to watch. All of the fighters you brought up have that sort of swagger to go along with it. He's one helluva fighter but it just doesn't seem to fit in with his character and style. His taunting was as awkward as his interviews and trash talk.
  2. Honestly, I lost some respect for Rory today. Enough with the taunting BS, that's a a veteran in front of you, either keep on fighting or finish the fight. GSP has never, and would never pull crap like that.
  3. What a yawner of a main event. Rory on the other hand... IS A BEAST!!!
  4. That was crazy! Thanks for the link bro
  5. Where can i watch a replay of the kongo vs barry fight?
  6. Holy Sh*t! Just watched the Rory Macdonald (from Kelowna) fight, this kid is LEGIT!
  7. Anyone know where i can watch a replay of the gsp fight??
  8. Lesnar vs Dos Santos in Vancouver!!! http://tsn.ca/mma/story/?id=359969
  9. dayyyuuummm that was a sick kick
  10. Time to bring this thread back... Tonights TUF was awesome! Looks like its gonna be a really good season
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