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  1. David Bowie would keep me pretty satisfied if i had to pick one.
  2. Aliens are real. They are already here. tldr: We are the Aliens!
  3. first time i watched Paranormal Activity ...i had just stumbled on it one night with no idea what it was.....it got me good.
  4. got my air conditioner fixed at my house this spring. Coming in real handy at a 43 degrees here today.


    1. bigbadcanucks


      Stay cool...we need more of your awesome GIFS.

  5. Creed is the most under rated character from the Office and possibly on TV in general. He doesn't get many lines ...but every time He does, He nails it!

    1. Angry Goose

      Angry Goose

      Creed is definitely one of my favs



    2. -DLC-


      I love everything about that show.  

      I'd like to see The Office meets The Trailer Park Boys.  Think I'm onto something here.

  6. vintage canuck should be associate alumni
  7. has to be a Canadian team imo Winnipeg gets my vote
  8. not yet, hopefully soon
  9. lol..when a thread is so bad and you need a head shake, an eye roll AND a face palm!
  10. in 2007 i had a run in with police in Kelowna. i was driving by on my bike ...of a scene of several police gathered and doing some sort of prep for a take down on a house in my neighborhood. i parked across the street and pulled out my handy-camcorder and started filming. they got really annoyed about it and started yelling at me...so i jumped on my bike and went on my way home about a half block away. as i pulled onto my property 3 cops came up on me and tackled me off my bike and started to wrestle my camera out of my possession. my roommate came out of the house and saw the camera come flying onto the ground and he grabbed it and started filming them assault me. they arrested me, took the camera....and while they held me in jail, they erased the footage. they released me without charges and gave my camera back with the erased card. i never did get any resolution on the matter and ended up just going on with my life never trusting cops again.
  11. break out the popcorn this thread could be fun
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