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  1. Vegas resident: The Knights came along when Vegas was broken. (after the mass shooting) Vegas resident: Many of us are like the Knights....we are castoffs like them. (many residents of Vegas had move to Vegas)
  2. The Canucks lost in seven games to the Golden Nuggets last year. The Canucks had no defense except Demko standing on his head Can you imagine JB adding the following players before playing Vegas: a healthy Toffoli, Perry, Edmundsen and Stall. All SC winners. The Habs are going to give Vegas a battle. The Vegas fans will ask themselves, who are these guys and had they ever won the Stanley Cups? Go Habs Go!!!
  3. I remember the hype before Petty arrived in Vancity. He had won the SHL scoring title, playoff scoring title and the Swedish cup. I thought he was going to do well but not as good as he in his 1st year in the NHL. I think Pods will be the highly skill hard working power forward that will dig in the corners and get a lot of assists. Another young player to add to the young exciting core.
  4. I was thinking the same thing but noticed Saad has scored seven goals in his last eight games.
  5. How many players would love to play in Vegas? Greeted at the airport by showgirls, a band and the owner of the team. https://www.nhl.com/goldenknights/video/mark-stone-arrives-in-vegas/t-282798380/c-66295703
  6. Toffoli, Price and the rest of the Habs are playing like a playoff team. That little water bugs -Caufield and Gallagher are doing their thing. Three huge Defenseman. Two young Petty type centremen. Power forwards including the revived Perry, Stall and Ameria. They have a good chance in the next round.
  7. How can you write off Lind based on a few games played? He was drafted 33rd overall, the 2nd pick in round 2. He has offensive skills and has an edge to his game.
  8. Rick Dhaliwal NHL scout on Podkolzin - He is a highly skilled forward who can play in all situations. His compete, drive and will to win are world class. He will become a fan favourite. Petty, Hughes, Hog.......Podkolzin, Rathbone...can you smell what Benning is cooking!
  9. Canucks will develop their own top six and bottom six forwards. The young Canucks defensemen will be firing tape passes to the forwards. It's a slow process, the sky is falling crowd needs to understand. In 3-4 years, JB will be adding the support players who will help the Canucks go far in the playoffs.
  10. VP wins the VIP award in the 2024 NHL Playoffs........wearing the flying V Canuck jersey.
  11. The Leaf fans are not happy. Here are some of the comments. Christafroon • an hour ago In this moment right now, I completely don't care if we win on Monday. Renier Christafroon • 33 minutes ago Many fans are with you. We just want the agony of defeat to be over so we can turn the page on yet another lost season.
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