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  1. Danila at a young age, told his father he wanted to play in the NHL. His father thought it was a childish comment but read and train his son to be the best he can be. This young man who hates to lose will be a Canuck soon. Our OV.
  2. The rumour is that Benning is going to announce that they are hiring two members of the Canucks CDC as assistants to the Sedins. At this moment in time, the CDC members are voting to see who is going to work for the Canucks. Some are upset and screaming for a recount.
  3. Leylah Fernadez's coach is a ex-soccer player. Her father. Winners never accept losing. https://www.cbc.ca/playersvoice/entry/when-leylah-gets-angry
  4. That was a pleasant surprise for Canuck fans. He will get even better in a couple of years. My Detroit friend at work said Detroit needed D men. Should have picked the kid in their backyard instead of Zadina
  5. I would rather have Rathbone develop in the AHL. It takes at least 3 years for a D man to reach their potential unless you are a top 3 draft pick. I think Rathbone will get better every day. Go Boner Go. The six game start to the season will be blessing to the Canucks. Time to gell on and off the ice with so many new players. And time away from the Canucks negative nellies. They better have a good road trip or CDC will be the airport upon their return with pitchforks and tiki torches.
  6. They are spoiled human beings. Hot weather, beach, ocean and watching some strangers holding a silver cup.
  7. Visa issues. He forgot to pay the minimum payment.
  8. I believe it's tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Hughes and Petty getting sent down.
  9. I say wait until he has more value, he could be Adam Fox light.
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