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  1. Poolman is going to get better and better because it takes a while until he up to par in the best league in the world. He only played 160 games in the NHL. He is a good skater, good size and is good defensively. They asked him why he only had one penalty last year? He replied that he has good position on the forwards and on the right side of the puck, so he doesn't have to hook, hold or trip the forwards. He will join the attack when he gets more comfortable playing in the Canucks system. The complainers will shut up in a year or two. I can't wait to watch him and all the Canuc
  2. This man was sighted at the Vancouver Airport. He was waving some paper in the air and screaming where's Petty?
  3. Did the Crackens pick a D man for the Canucks? Jeremy Lauzon?
  4. Mr. DeNiro Your comment came true. I will watch the Lind's career from far away. Always like him.
  5. Jamie Oleksiak is not a good fighter.
  6. I can't wait to take a Kraken into one of their new toilets.
  7. I remember going to a Judas Priest concert when I was a teenager. Every male there was a Fonzie, all wearing black leather jackets. Judas Priest sold over 50 million records, years later I was shocked Rob Halford came out. In 1998, Halford publicly revealed his homosexuality on MTV.[50] He broke down in tears saying, "It's a wonderful moment when you walk out of the closet. Now I've done that and I've freed myself. It's a great feeling for me to finally let go and make this statement—especially to The Advocate, because this magazine has brought me so much comfort over the years.
  8. I suggest you wear adult diapers next time you get excited.
  9. Sign the best 3rd line in the playoffs. Blake Coleman 23g 3g 8a 11pits +5 Barclay Goodrow 18g 2g 4A 6pts +4 Yanni Gourde 23g 6g 1a 7pts +4 (Mighty Mouse - not afraid to go into the scrums)
  10. Montreal protected Allen instead of Price. Price is expensive and going to be on the LTIR for one year or longer. Will Seattle pick him? Holtby has a better chance of getting picked since Allan is protected.
  11. Dickinson, Motte and Highmore on the PK. Fast and aggressive bottom six players.
  12. Have you been following the Canucks bottom six this past season? Dickinson is a upgrade on what the Canucks currently have there.
  13. Canucks should get Martin Jones if Seattle takes Holtby. A BC boy who always won against the Canucks.
  14. A established bottom six NHL player for a 3rd round pick. How many 3rd round picks make the NHL? Nate Schmidt traded for a 3rd round pick. Miller for a 1st round pick. Jimbob is doing well so far.
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