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  1. Rick is a real what might have been in terms of his early injury. If I recall wasn't he called up before burrows and then had a nasty fractured leg?
  2. Surprised he didn't break the stick on the first swing he really took his time
  3. Re Lind, he has looked ok. Without the puck he does a fair bit of gliding around which I guess is pretty common for a young guy. Once the puck is on his stick he makes.some pretty decent plays though . Almost had a nice assist last night.
  4. These games are actually super early exhibition games for next season with no stakes so relax and enjoy the game.
  5. Why didn't bieksa go after duncan keith? Shame the code wasn't around back then
  6. It's s shame we never saw Bailey again. Would have been nice to see an extended look at him.
  7. People always say this but is can media any worse than Toronto's? I'm in Australia so I guess I can't really come by on that aspect. I think being close to coaches like Ian Clarke, having more control over medical specialists etc would be an advantage. Ease of moving personal around I think it outweighs the media stuff. I feel players are a bit more savy to that sort of stuff now and can block it out .
  8. Is this thing a go? I have Monday off work (oz time) and wondering if I will I be able to watch the canucks over coffee and weetbix (oz cereal)?
  9. Seemed like a smart player, just not the fastest skater. And he gets points for taking on Simmonds.
  10. I agree, I like Lowry he would take all Bo's hard minutes like a champ. He would be great here if we can afford him.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing a half utica half canucks team see out the remaining games, like a prolonged exhibition series. Pending safety concerns obviously. But purely from a hockey perspective I would love to see how our young's performed for a string of games.
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