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  1. I Googled 'Poolman taking it in the face' and I got a completely different set of very low budget films with questionable morals and soundtracks.
  2. I agree, he is going to finish his career with the canucks, following which he will take an assistant coaching job. By the time he becomes gm his first born son Nate 'Schmidty' junior will be drafted his dad and the legacy of the Canucks Schmidts will continue for eternity.
  3. It's not the size of your d but how you use it...them. Or so I have been told.
  4. I had a major oof first thing this morning when I read the grade tweet and thought OELs contact went up until he was 39. As you say 36 ain't so bad. After reading through the thread I'm coming around that the last 2 years were an outlier. You have to think Benning and co. watched the hell out of him this year so they must have a good idea he has more to give. The best thing we will see 23 finally get a goal next season.
  5. Is Jamie benn a comparable for McTavish?
  6. Morrows skating looks pretty great.
  7. So annoyed that tryamkin didn't back himself and come over here to see if he has what it takes to be an nhler.
  8. I'm even more pessimistic, I see we gave up a good player AND gave up something great....but realistically, probably not so great.
  9. Had we not traded for toffoli at all, but still made the playoffs. Where does Madden and the second rounder fit now? Madden had an injury but got a few points in the ahl.
  10. Yeah I see what you mean about the validity of assessing him against high school competition. I don't know enough about skating to project him going forward but he does look to be quinn in some of those vids.
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