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  1. Looking forward to seeing the Lennox Pub guy that sits behid the Canucks bench, I've missed that dude
  2. I had juolevi ahead of schenn and hunt in pre season. Bowey was a bit up and down for me. I didn't hate Burroughs though.
  3. I bought the fetch box, signed up to vibe. Then downloaded the ESPN app, put the fetch details into the ESPN app. Then you have to cast to the tv off the app. I have a Google Chromecast bit if watching live during every commercial the ESPN logo comes up and the stream stops so you have to go back into the app to restart the stream, often instead of the game whatever is on the ESPN tv channel comes on which is fun. I emailed the help desk they said there isn't anything they can do and advised against using Chromecast.
  4. What does everyone think of petan? I'm not a huge fan. He is around the puck a lot which is a skill I guess in that he knows where to be. He just seems pretty sloppy with his skills. He misses a lot of passes, whiffs on shots. Then he will make a few nice plays. Maybe due to all his touches I am being too harsh? He seems to be the opposite of podz who seems to has fewer touches but rarely makes a bad pass flubs a pass.
  5. Is Johnathan Dhalen on San Jose's top line? Good for him I guess.
  6. That backhand pass by klim there risky but it worked.
  7. Classy fans clapping as silovs gets up from injury?....these Seattle fans must be new to the game
  8. I go backwards and forwards on this. Did Benning not prioritize signing them, or did he want to build a winning team first (ie getting out of the bad contracts, signing Dickinson, garland etc) to show Petersen that they should want to sign long term because Canucks are committed to building a winner?
  9. I agree, plus we have L) side bottom pair battle of the ages. And Abbotsford. I think the guys will be keen to show they aren't a two player team anyway so motivation will be high (should they hold out in the first game or so). Also Australia is still in lockdown purgatory so anything is good for me.
  10. Just a question as I have never attended a pro athlete camp...but how is it being a defenseman in these camps? Are they able to be as physical as they would be during a real game? If you are a physical defenseman ie Woo, Shenn, can you showcase your worth in this format or are you a bit scared of hurting other players?
  11. Sorry if I have missed it, but how has Connor Lockhart looked?
  12. Didn't Olli have covid pretty bad? A lot of people are getting post covid fatigue which lasts months.
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