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  1. The media is going on and on about really a non-issue. Today listening to 1130 news in the car, I hear Horgan was put on the "hot seat" for his statement. What hot seat are we talking about; one that the media created? Are people are really going to vote for or against Horgan because of a "white privilege" answer? There is so many more important to things to worry about like Covid and the effect it is having on people, who are having trouble paying their bills and feeding their family and yet the media is going over board over this issue. Who cares except Social Justice Warriors. The question shouldn't even be asked by the moderator; is it some sort of political correctness litmus test? You give a wrong answer and you fail? Apparently Horgan failed because he was the only one of the three re-questioned by the moderator.
  2. Horgan seem flustered at times. Wilkinson appeared calmed and well spoken. Sonia Furstenau performed the best said the Global broadcasters. Did the debate changed anyone's mind. I doubt it did. Compared to the US debates, this was a pretty dull affair. If anyone is suffering insomnia, I suggest watching this debate; it may cure it.
  3. DonLever

    NFL thread

    Can't really blame Viking's Zimmerman going for on 4th and one when the Vikings were ramming the ball down the Seahawk's throat with runs of 5, 10, 15 yds previous to the turnover. You would think the odds are good for making a measly 1 yd. Also, Zimmerman knew Wilson was explosive with anytime left so he wanted to kill more time and perhaps get a TD to put Seattle away. He could have to play it safe with a field goal. Instead he was aggressive with his decision making.
  4. DonLever

    NFL thread

    Cowboys vs Giants: 37-34 last play of the game field goal by Dallas. - Giants should have won as as they had 2 touchdowns called back because of penalties -Dak Prescott will have surgery on ankle - will be gone for awhile - Andy Dalton is capable QB with 9 yr experience
  5. DonLever

    NFL thread

    In case anyone not watching the Cowboys/Giants game, Dak Prescott got a serious leg injury. His ankle twisted very badly, looks like a broken ankle. He got taken off the field on cart. Andy Dalton is filling in as QB and finished off the drive with a TD. Entertaining close game, back and forth. Cowboys with the lead now.
  6. DonLever

    NFL thread

    Well the Bengal were trash last year. They got the number 1 draft pick because they finished last in the NFL in 2019. Getting Joe Burrows is not going to help if you got a lousy team.
  7. It is called "bribing the voters". And it sometimes work as we saw with the NDP who eliminated the tolls of bridges crossing into Surrey last election. They swept most of the Surrey seats. The Liberals really got nothing lose as they are far behind the NDP in polling. They have a weak leader who is not well known and are lacking in policies. They have to stand out somehow and a PST pause is something people can grasp. Voters often do vote with their pockets. BTW, the Liberals never promised a PST pause before.
  8. John Horgan’s early election call gamble seems to be paying off, at least for now. A new Ipsos poll conducted for Global News suggests the BC NDP has substantial leads in voter preference and leadership, and in every region in the province. The NDP has an 18-point lead over the BC Liberals just one week into the campaign, the poll suggests. The poll found 51 per cent of decided voters surveyed would be most likely to support or lean toward the New Democrats. The BC Liberals are next at 33 per cent support, followed by the BC Greens at 12 per cent. But the race is far from over. The results exclude the 31 per cent of British Columbians who are undecided or express no preference. “The good news for the BC Liberals and Greens is that there are more undecided voters available this election compared to the start of the 2017 campaign, 31 per cent today versus 23 per cent in the first poll of the 2017 campaign,” Ipsos Public Affairs senior vice president Kyle Braid said in a statement. The NDP leads by a wide margin across all age groups, according to the poll, including by 18 points among traditionally higher turnout older voters. The NDP is getting the support of 52 per cent of those polled, compared to 34 per cent for the Liberals, among respondents aged 55 years and older. The NDP have a 25-point lead among women, with 53 per cent supporting the NDP compared to 28 per cent for the Liberals. In terms of who would be the best premier, Horgan was the choice for 44 per cent of voters who responded to the poll. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson was chosen by 14 per cent of people surveyed, and new Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau is the choice of six per cent.
  9. The generational gap is evident here. To me, older movies are from the 1930's,1940's,1950's, 1960's and 1970's. But then I am over 60. Its funny, people born right now will consider movies from the 2000's and 2010's as "older movies" If you have cable, TCM show movies from the 1930's to 1980's. For 1990's, the REWIND channel show movies from that decade. Streaming is rather limited for older movies. Like the other person say, try MGM. For older TV shows, try CBS All Access. They have classics like I love Lucy, Hawaii 5-0, and newer shows like CIS. NCIS, Survivor. Steve Colbert. As for Sea Hunt, you can find it on YouTube.
  10. But only one of two political parties can gain power in our first past the post parliamentary system. A vote for any other party is wasted unless we have a minority government situation. We basically have a two party system like the US. The outcome is either one or the other. We should have a proportional voting system to have our vote count.
  11. BTW, the BC Green Party selected a new leader on Monday, Sonia Furstenau. I think the Greens will be wiped out.
  12. The NDP must have looked at the New Brunswick election held a few days ago and saw the Tories get a majority after in a minority situation similar to them. The opposition New Brunswick Liberals ran a campaign based on the idea the Tories were opportunists running an election in a midst of a pandemic. That strategy certainly did not work. The BC Liberals better think of something else besides opportunism.
  13. Some think a BC election is possible in the coming weeks. The BC NDP is riding high in the polls and they want a majority. If there is a snap election, will you vote for the NDP?
  14. Almost all TVs sold now are 4K. It is very hard to find one that is not 4K. Basically the price of 4K TVs has fallen to the price of HD TVs that were sold 10 years ago. If you pay $1000 for a HD TV ten years ago, the same $1000 will get you a a 4K TV. Of course you get a range in 4K TV prices. You could get a $600 4K 65 " TV like a RCA or a $2000 Sony 4K 65". The better quality 4K TVs like Sony or Samsung have a much better processor so you get what you pay for. There is already a lot of 4K content through streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. If you wait until 4K is standard for network broadcasting you may have to wait a long time as the big networks don't want to spend the money needed for upgrading their systems.