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  1. Can you check my PM request? D:

  2. It's game seven today, and as everybody anxiously anticipates puck drop, we found this great video by DeltaCanuckianGaming on Youtube to get you seriously pumped up.
  3. Srry I couldnt reply faster, but i am 100% interested. I've messaged you since.


  4. Hi quick question I'm having trouble logging in to my account from my android phone. The message I get after I properly input my account name and password is "Username or password incorrect." I tried logging in through a computer with the exact info and it works, but for some reason not on my android phone on the mobile CDC message boards. I've reset my password and changed it but still no work.

  5. - I'm in Creston BC. Thanks for your help!

  6. I can't get tv...ip address is

  7. Is there anyone on here that actually works for the Canucks? Even a PR guy? Dont have to tell me who.

  8. Any chance of adding more classic Canuck games this off-season??!!!


    Lemme know!!

  9. Hello! Greetings from South Africa. Your box seats are awaiting your arrival.

  10. Really appreciate these blogs Larenzo. Always well thought out and entertaining.
  11. Start using the #playoffshow hash tag and you could win tickets by watching.

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      hey how bout getting rid of this silly warn status on my profile. it's not like I work for the taliban or something.

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      I seem to have all my posts locked within 1 minute. no warning staus..no explanation why. How do I find out what I am doing wrong?

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