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  1. We blame Benning for last off seasons mess but it was the pandemic forcing ownership to hold him back in being aggressive. Very optimistic about this offseason
  2. Schmidt looked good on a aggressive robust Vegas team but looked average last season maybe another season he looks better. If he plays with the Canucks this season it’ll tell us if this was a win trade.
  3. I wonder if Holtby and Schmidt were involved in the trade with Arizona but it got changed? Thus the rumours
  4. I liked the Schmidt trade at the time but in hindsight I think Vegas did good here dumping his contract and getting a third round pick. Of course this hinges on if we get that pick back for Schmidt or if we lose value and if Schmidt has a good season coming up if we can’t trade him.
  5. For some reason I don’t see the Canucks being able to move him. Negative value with that contract. Hope I’m wrong
  6. Agree unless Arizona keeps 2.5 million a year salary of his cap hit it’s a big no no. And then cheap as well. Smidth had no trade clause and we only gave a 3 round pick. Oliver would be a 2 and a prospect tops including withholding 2.5
  7. the question is what the ceiling is for the player that’s available at 9. Could he be better the Reinhardt? This years draft sounds like not to deep. Maybe Mctavish or Johnson ceiling is like Reinhardts ceiling. I would just wait to trade to see if D is available
  8. How about whitecloud from Vegas. seems like a solid defenseman
  9. I rather not use a top 10 pick on a Goalie
  10. Power edvinsen hughes clark beniers eklund Guenther johnson In no particular order I believe these guys wil be gone by pick 9
  11. If the Canucks beating the leafs twice after COVID shutdown wasn’t enough to prove the Leafs then what is?
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