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  1. Id like to see him flourish in the next few years on a line with Bo Horvat as our 3rd line center.
  2. Sedin Sedin Samuelson

    Raymond Kesler Tambellini

    Torres Malhotra Hansen

    Oreskovich Morrison Glass


    Thats my line up to start the season.

  3. Hey Diesel thanks for the update!! Im sorry you cant make it back home for xmas but you have my prayers dude!! Im forunate to have my brother back home for X-mas whos been stationed out in Nova Scotia from the Navy. Its good to see him!! Whos not looking forward to the juniors!? We got 3 up and comers that we get to see! Did you see the article on Peter Anderson!? Perhaps another steal in the draft!? We will see in 2-4 years!! Ill be cheering on our Canadian juniors and paying attention to USA and Sweden!! Also on your days of rest have you gotten the chance to check out the country? An
  4. I can see this guy round out to be a second line player by the time hes 22-24. :D
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