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  1. Im surprised you remember me.

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    2. topbananas


      I don't...I must have been drunk

    3. Baka


      ^odd thing to say to a 15 year old

    4. Ghostsof1915
  2. I am 18 now. Futhermore, since the return of the Jets to my hometown I will now be 18yearoldjetsfan.

    1. :D


      No matter how old you get, it'll always be an awful username.

  3. I am actually 18 now.

  4. Ryan is a shot blocking machine so i have to disagree with the zero skill part but kyle wellwood should be traded

  5. Would'nt kill players if they traveled to europe lets say once a week and vice versa? the fatigue level would be ve quite high

  6. Hello Im 14yroldnucksfan

  7. so this is what profile parties are like

  8. I saw your comment on canckliscious' page and i would like to point that chick is elise estrada

  9. (sigh) i wish i could find an asian girlfriend who understnds hockey just like you did.

  10. I change my user name to 14yroldnucksfan

  11. youre still my hero. dont worry

  12. I am hounored that you commented on my profile oh great krazz....Im doing fine tank you

  13. did you know you are user 1234?

  14. Purple and Brown are amazing arent they

  15. footprints are fun

  16. well its just hard to render with powerpoint (crtl c v crop then crtl c v again) so i try to render with fotoflexer
  17. my first render (excluding the luongo one holding a cup which was actually made from another render) is it worthy now? (cody hodgson)
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