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  1. Awesome topic! I really enjoyed it!

  2. Hope you don't mind, I added you as a friend to make it easier to follow what you write. Loved your media bias thread.

  3. Hey Tank, just curious if you'll be making anymore ''Everything you ever wanted to know about...'' threads? Hope so, I really enjoy them! :)

  4. Please make more threads!

  5. Tank, i think you have competition....snipecheese

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Stop all the hating on Burr. You even have a quote in your sig which shows how he has been underestimated. You should know better. He has only been a offensive player for the last 2 years. Take a look a Kes stats last playoffs,2g no assists in ten games. And he was healthy!!!. Then look at Kes this year. If anyone will be a big playoff performer in the future when he gets healthy it will be Burr.

  7. Burrows is injured. Your logic about how he has only scored 4 goals in 17 playoff games is flawed,because he was only healthy in the series against st.louis when he scored 3 goals in 4 games. He then broke his hand in game one of the second round last year and had to have surgery after, which you conveniently forgot to mention.After all the chances he got game one in L.A it is obvious he is hurt.

  8. That Sedin story was awesome. Nice job bro.

  9. Your posts are amazing.

    That is all.


  10. Once he gets to 1337 I am going to start negativing his posts every time it goes to 1338

  11. Once you get to +1337, stop posting... it will be glorious

  12. I know the thread you just posted got locked but it was a beauty. :D

  13. I quite like your threads. You know what would be a crazy twist? If the person who is Shawn Rocker is also Tank Hankerous. CDC would probably collapse. jk jk. Thanks for sticking up for Luongo. I will always believe in Louuuuuu.