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  1. Hey thanks for posting all the highlights. It helps me out a lot when I come home from work. I just look for your posts now most of the time. I also added your youtube channel.

  2. This is terrible. I have some friends there right now. I didn't know what to do so I donated 500 bucks to the red cross. I wish i could fly there and help clean up the mess
  3. Haha, Its there for a reason :D

  4. Hahaha, Its there for a reason. :)

  5. your avatar makes me read all your posts in burkes voice hahaha

  6. Banned for thinking you don't try when you really do
  7. just reminding you that Byfuglien no longer plays for the Chicago blackhawks.


  8. haha around canucks talk it would be weird if they didn't have brainstorms...or brainfarts whatever you like to call them

  9. I think I'll just grow a 'stache like yours and be incognito for awhile.

    (What's with intermission and people having brainstorm thread ideas?)

    Ah, game is fast & furious...gotta run....

    (enjoy..go Canucks)

  10. Sounds like you need a canuckstalk free vacation Deb lol

  11. Heya.

    I'm glad we friended before Canucks Talk finishes me off for good.

  12. i didn't get to reply to your comment cuz it was locked but i lolled

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