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  1. A poster earlier mentioned how not picking Bowie up on waivers benefits us long term for the expansion draft, and lets us place him on the taxi squad without his cap hit counting and opens up roster spots to help guys like Juoulevi get ice time. 5th vs 4th round picks are negligible, that is common knowledge. No offense intended but i remember when you used to be one of the guys on the boards providing a voice of reason with insightful facts and outlooks and not the snarky comments
  2. Happy with the win, a dub always helps improve your day no matter how ugly. But I can't help but feel the implications of squeezing out wins with the otherworldly goaltending strategy is having zero benefit in helping our team improve long term. I understand it's a pandemic year and the coaching staff is going to remain employed, but what's the point? This type of play and system is not helping the team moving forward and develop in any sense. I still really cannot believe we gave up 46 shots to Ottawa, who were coming off a back to back. But happy nonetheless for the team and the fans, we rea
  3. It often baffles me how short sighted and reactionary some people are regarding our team. Nuances regarding the rebuild are ignored and there's this perpetual "grass is greener on the other side" idea that somehow tanking and stacking up top 3 picks will magically build a cup winning team. But glad majority of fans (at least on this board) are opposing that non sense, especially the poster earlier who laid out the facts regarding the rebuilds of teams like Chicago, Florida and Colorado. I'm not even going to get into whatever Buffalo, Edmonton and Arizona have been doing all these years. It al
  4. Thanks, this is a really informed and thought provoking reply. I truly believe our team's struggles lie within this realm of defensive fallacies, and the numbers clearly back it up.
  5. That's just a brutal system, every shot on goal is a potential scoring chance not matter where it's coming from. Also leads to shaky coverage situations depending on where rebounds or deflections go. I don't understand how the coaching staff doesn't see the correlation between this awful system and the 5+ goals a game that we give up each game
  6. I'm taking that directly from Green from interviews where he explicitly states that he's not worried about high shot totals we give up each game. There is obviously a structural discrepancy in the coaching philosophy where the belief that giving up shots in the ballpark of 40 each game isn't something to worry about or needed to be corrected. So yes, there's a large reason to believe that coaching has a huge hand in the bizarre system our defense is currently executing
  7. I honestly don't get how Green and the coaching staff casually overlook that we're giving up nearly 40 sog every game. How the heck do you expect to win getting peppered like that. We are statistically the worst defense in the league and it seems to make no difference to the coaching staff.
  8. I honestly don't understand how Green & the coaching staff justify allowing so many shots on goal each game. There is an obvious correlation of scoring chances arising with the amount of pucks directed to the net. Makes no sense how they are openly overlooking such a glaring problem which is killing us game after game. The defensive "system", if we even have one, is clearly not working, and it has been like this for longer than we realize. We just don't have Marky anymore saving the day with 5-6 miraculous saves a game. There needs to be a serious consideration of a coaching c
  9. The poster I'm quoting below is spot on in regards to the first part of your reply. The cupboard was as bare as I can remember any team having in recent years with aging, declining pieces as well as zero elite prospects (I love Bo but he was never considered a grade A prospect). As for the second part, I think it's disingenuous to bind all years of JB's tenure into a single lense or direction. I began with the 2017-2018 timeline because that's when all bets were off from the ownership about playoff runs and JB was given free reigns to rebuild the team. That's when the current trajectory of our
  10. Agreed. And holy, that Duchene trade was a masterclass. From my point of view, all three GMs in question had completely different starting points and teams they inherited. Sakic had Mack and Landeskog & Duchene as a massive trading chip (it was inevitable he was leaving). Gorton had Zibanejad emerge, the huge fortune of Panarin choosing the NYR, and high, hard to miss draft picks like Kakko, Lafreniere. And Benning inherited only Horvat as a key prospect & an ownership group determined to stay competitive. But as I've originally pointed, since the rebuild became definitive as of 2017-2
  11. Sakic inherited two huge pieces in Mackinnon and Landeskog, and deserves credit for the trades and draft picks that landed him players like Makar, Rantanen and Girard. But keep in mind Mack and Landeskog are 1st and 2nd overall picks. The highest pick from our core is a 5th. Benning has arguably drafted better than Sakic, with more players selected in a lower order succeeding at the NHL level. Gorton is a tbd scenario. Zibanejad came into his own last year in his 4th year in NY, Panarin literally selected to go to that team, and their prospects are largely unproven up to this point. We are rig
  12. I'm not sure, but I also don't see how this is relevant man. The fact is, Tampa won in 2020, 12 years after they drafted the first piece of their core. Teams go through ups and downs before they win it all. Washington & St. Louis being other recent examples. As it stands, we're in a good place to compete for many years to come, and it's completely unrealistic to believe we would be making a cup run last year no matter how to reassemble the roster.
  13. I'm unsure how you're comparing us to Tampa. Many teams spend to the cap or close to it under various circumstances, but only 5 teams have won the cup in the past 6 off seasons. Also, much of Tampa's core was drafted over 9 years ago- Stamkos 08, Hedman 09, Kucherov 2011, Palat 2011, etc. Take your own example of the TBL, it takes time to build a cup winning team, even with top end talent like they have. Edit: You cannot understate the experience that even a second round exit provided to our young players. Using your own example of the TBL again, look how many unsuccessful playoff
  14. Appreciate it! Will try to for sure man. And completely agree about the HF/Twitter audience lol
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