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  1. The day that contract was announced, I knew the leafs would never be legit contenders as long as Marner is around. Preposterous cap hit for a one dimensional player who simply just folds in the playoffs.
  2. sad thing is most of the twitter crowd and a sizable one here believes in meaningless bs like this. glad to see sanity prevail on these boards. Some of the comments have been pure gold lol
  3. lol all year the colorado butt kissing was unreal, most people had already declared them the cup champs. as of right now, we went further in the playoffs last year (and against vegas) than the holy avalanche
  4. I'm still waiting for the day people realize there's more than one way to rebuild. Each team goes through their own unique circumstances in undergoing and reaching the conclusion of their rebuild. With that said, the OP is not wrong imo, the Canucks and Avs have similar caliber of young players they've constructed their teams around. Only difference I see is that the Avs started much earlier. 2009 to be exact. They drafted Duchene that year, a piece that led them to the a chunk of their young talent. Keeping aside the few awfully bad and negative takes on these boards and the media, and especi
  5. How is it going for the oilers and their multiple top 5 picks? seems like the jets are doing a little better eh
  6. Please enlighten me on the multiple top 5 picks NYI, Wild, St. Louis, VGK, Jets (Wheeler, 2004 draftee, was acquired by trade), Caps, Boston, Nashville, Carolina have. Multiple lol. I'll at least name teams with more than one top 5 picks (most have just 2)- Pens, Habs (Kotkaniemi is the 2nd top 5 pick besides Price, hardly a core player. Drouin was acquired via trade) Tampa, Colorado, Leafs, Oilers, Panthers. 5/7 never won a cup with their current roster. Of the two that have, one team has Sidney Crosby (Pens won a lottery during the lockout season), and the other didn't win
  7. I wish more people had a more objective and thoughtful perspective on things like you. Hit the nail in the head with this post. I would also like to ask armchair GMs, alternatively, what route did you see us taking through where we would be cup contenders this year? All facts considered, I'd like someone to present a realistic plan we could've taken to our route to being contenders this year like a lot of posters here and especially on twitter expected. Keeping in mind our prospect pool when JB took over, the Sedins wanting to compete until the end of the 2017-2018 season, and the
  8. That was honestly the epitome of b*itching and whining I've seen on the internet in recent years. This includes pivotal moments from around the sports world in all the leagues I follow. CDC and the general Canucks fan base is embarrassingly whiny and premature with their overreactions. Hard to defend us sometimes from friends and family that are fans of other teams
  9. I can overlook the schedule of first half of the season and new lineup to a certain degree as excuses (not completely, but to some extent), but if you're just going to brush off Covid, missing a month of play, and having to suddenly play multiple back to backs and place that into the same category as blaming refs, then you truly don't know what you're talking about bud. We were trending upwards in March, and by all means we could've made the playoffs with a healthy team once the schedule began to balance out. A team's standing at the half point of a close, competitive season is no definite mar
  10. I don't know how irrational and out of touch with reality someone has to be to expect this group, with everything that has happened this season, to be a competitive playoff team right now. We were playing well before the covid outbreak, despite many new faces in the lineup and the worst possible schedule in the NHL. And then a virus that has killed millions of people worldwide infected the whole team, and they didn't play for a whole month. Once that was over, they got put right back onto the ice on an even worse schedule they started with. I bet the heavyweight whiners here have never played
  11. He may not be articulating it well, but there is a slight logic to his point. It must be unfathomably difficult to think about what to do after going through something like a sexual assault, but it wouldn't be a terrible idea to start a conversation where potential victims are encouraged to contact authorities right away after an incident takes place so that evidence can be collected in a timely and accurate manner, which in turn will further increase the likeness of the perpetrator getting charged and convicted; something which is devastatingly low because it comes back to there usually being
  12. Can't wait for the sequel, "That's a Good Team Over There"
  13. Fair enough, & I agree that a two year window beyond this season is a fair time frame to give Benning to see his vision through. That will be the right time to make the call on whether he stays here or not.
  14. Even with these points stated, I don't see how Gillis can be regarded as someone who managed the cap well. The only person who took a substantial pay cut was Burrows, besides that, everyone was making market value or close to it. And several of those NTC signings occurred when players were already in their 30s. Bieksa (5x4.6 in 2011) Kesler (6x5 in 2010) Sedins (5x6.1 in 2009) Luongo (12.5.33 in 2009) Look at league comparable contracts at that time, including the rest of the roster from the 2009-2013 period and see if you can justify those contracts and
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