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  1. If we have the chance to trade him at the deadline - trade him. Can't let him walk for nothing, I'd take a 5th round pick if that's all that were available. JB typically gets owned in free agency, if that's the route he went I'd be clutching my pearls.
  2. So glad I turned it off after the first period. Had other things to do than yell at my monitor. Hope Gaudette can figure it out but I'm not putting my eggs in that basket. The goal he scored was a bit of a lucky one and doesn't redeem him for the giveaway on the PP. Also, Sutter's contract expires at the end of this season. That's a big hole to fill - 3rd line centre, PK, & occasional winger duty, and I don't think Gaudette is ready for that or if he ever will be. Crazy how at the end of the playoffs things looked so promising and like there was light at the end o
  3. I know it was against Ottawa and all but gotta give credit where credit is due: Myers with the highest TOI, most PK time by a mile, +2, and a couple hits & blocks. Good game for him. edit - not by a mile, Beagle was right there with him
  4. Stoked! I'm not expecting the first period to be the smoothest hockey game I've seen. Hope the Canucks can weather the McDavid blitz and be the sharper team throughout
  5. Don't waste your time arguing with him. Simply put, Donald Trump is an idiot's idea of what a successful businessman looks like.
  6. I noticed it when I saw some clips. I haven't seen the interview that you've mentioned. I am a goalie myself and I always notice gear changes on other goalies.
  7. I noticed that Demko is now wearing CCM pads after wearing Brian's for most of his career. Ian Clark got Markstrom to change to CCM from Bauer and that is when he really started to fix the holes in his game. Hopefully this equates to good things for Demko.
  8. Which league has more skill/is tougher to play in: the BCHL or AJHL?
  9. I'm not sure how it works with NCAA schedules and divisions and such... Will Rathbone and Harvard face Hughes/Lockwood and the Wolverines some time this season?
  10. No prob. There are probably people out there just dying to use random photos on their hard drive to post. :-)

  11. Thanks. :)

    I didn't DARE go back into that PGT thread. Too dangerous.

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