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  1. 4 PP is terrible and defensive zone strategy is atrocious, playing a 5 on 5 PK defensive zone system where his team always looks exhausted and chases the puck while the other team dangles and passes around them.
  2. Murray and Binnington are the most overrated Goalies. Jim Carey says Hi
  3. Anyone else surprised at both the fact that this was their first captain and that they chose Stone?
  4. To me Fatty is the most physical player on our team right now (Defence or forward). Every hit is solid, jarring in fact, he just doesn't let up. He doesn't get enough credit.
  5. Sutter is also a Malhotra-type player too
  6. I'll omit last night's game because he was utterly terrible, but I have been noticing Jamie for all the wrong reasons lately. He appears to be getting out worked on the boards, and out hustled to pucks. For a 6'2" he plays much smaller and appears to be slow and tires fast. On the other hand, Fatenburg (6'0" ft) has been surprisingly OK-good, I don't know if he has more hits, but his hits are much harder, and Fatty gets his shot through.
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