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  1. Just read on a international news site that 10 players have the deadlier Brazilian variant and one player is very sick and in ICU.
  2. Partly,also the fact that every loser on the internet thinks their opinion is needed & warranted .
  3. sh!te quality,cheers to the fan for shooting the game from the stands on his motorola phone.
  4. Is there a correct way ?,What am I missing here ?
  5. ^Really ? Your expecting 90 points for the skinny kid who has never played a game in the NHL yet ? I would be happy with half that his 1st year.
  6. Ahl quicker than the Nhl.Get off the crack Green...
  7. Wasn't last year his first, didn't he have mono the year before ? Or am I missing a year ?
  8. He was suffering ,I seem to recall Gaunce's leadership skills helped him to the top.
  9. Being hit in the throat can be a massive injury ,obvious no-one here plays much !!!- Which i kind of figured !!
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