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  1. Interesting how the Kraken have announced their pre season schedule but nothing from the Canucks?
  2. Patrick O'Flaherty? I still remember Jim Robson talking about the day he was born. March 17th 1974.
  3. It's pretty obvious that they are going after him. Let Tanev walk and trade Benn to free up #8.
  4. My favourite player from that era. RIP
  5. 7? Yes there were 7 brothers, but Brent can't be his father and his uncle. Or could he, that would just be weird.
  6. Should gone after Ron as well to play with Rich Sutter. Ok, not the same I know.
  7. I was thinking the same thing but after reading the PHO, it states that Professional athletes are exempt. Sport exemptions High performance athletes, professional athletes and professional performers like dancers are not included in the order.
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