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  1. Or he could be what he is now. A very good, roughly ppg, player with durability issues.
  2. Apparently anxiety and insomnia wore him down to the point of exhaustion. Sounds like he’s healthy and ready to go
  3. My point is Marner is more valuable to Toronto than Pettersson would be. Especially cons Feting your ridiculous overpayment trade suggestion. Toronto has Matthew’s and Taveres as their top 2 C’s. So Pettersson bring a C adds no value. Marner has been durable while Pettersson has had issues staying in the lineup Marner has been well over a PPG player the last 3 seasons. Pettersson is just shy of a ppg. Despite that you think Pettersson would be so much more valuable to Toronto thst they should retain more than $3.5m on Marner and pay Pettersson has $9+ m ask. Effectively p
  4. Don’t get me wrong I love Pettersson. But to date Marner is the better player. Not only that but he’s been much more durable than Pettersson. Pettersson does get a nod for being a C. But do you honestly think that means he’s so much more valuable than Msr we that Toronto would not only retain more than $3.5m in cap and thrown in a 1st? Come on man.
  5. What makes Pettersson so much more valuable? As it is there’s no way Toronto would retain $3.5m on Marner in a 1-1 swap.
  6. You’re taking away term, you’re taking away opportunities to earn more when they’re younger by limiting second contracts to a lower percentage. We’re talking about a sport where an injury can end your career in a moment. You’re asking every player to be limited in a way that they currently aren’t. That’s giving up something of value. Giving them a slight bump on the league minimum isn’t going to make up for what you’re taking away. The players didn’t even want to agree to a 50/50 revenue split. How do you think they’ll react to the owners asking them to put a significant cap on their earni
  7. Those ideas are still taking things away from the players. They love that.
  8. You’re asking players to give up a lot of potential income. I don’t see them accepting the bulk of those. You’re asking for a long strike.
  9. The stars are always going to get paid. Sometimes at the expense of the workmen (especially with the salary cap). Having stars is a double edged sword. Yes. You need them to win. But you have to pay them or someone else will. The league has skewed to be much younger the past number of years. Guys who would be just getting theirs first sniff of NHL action 15 years ago are now expected to carry the team. It’s the GM’s job to try to balance out the teams needs compared to the players demands. The more stars you have the less there is to go around for everyone else. Teams have a short window
  10. What is the point of the rant? Players should be thankful to have jobs and play for what you decide is fair? (Rather than working within the framework of the CBA that both sides fought tooth and nail to settle on?). I don’t get what you’re trying to say here? What exactly would be your solution?
  11. Then the fallout from that move is has to be option as well. Misting the playoffs in the remedial division, both players demanding a trade, and Benning losing his job
  12. you know damn well that sitting both of them for the season isn’t an option.
  13. They aren’t doing it to the players face. Seriously. Arbitration hearings are known to be vicious
  14. Arbitration is a brutal process. The team goes in and makes a case for why the player isn’t worth what he thinks he is. It’s generally the beginning of the end for the relationship. That’s one of the reasons very few cases actually make it to arbitration each year
  15. I think it’ll get done by the start of the season. But if it doesn’t be prepared for a lot of “ran out of time” posts
  16. He’s not a hall of famer by any stretch of the imagination
  17. I love how when he was a Hab he was a bad pick and a “bustaroo” but now you’re making him out to be the second coming of Guy Carbonneau
  18. Wasn’t a cheap shot. Pettersson tried to do a reverse check and they got tangled up. He went down wrong. After the fact Pettersson, Green, Sutter we’re all quoted saying it wasn’t a dirty play
  19. People are ignoring the fact that Weber struggled for much of the season. He turned it on in the playoffs but he wasn’t remotely their best defenceman during the season. Petry was. Savard won’t replace the playoffs version of Weber but he easily replaces the regular season version Also. They have Primeau in the system who looks to be a legit goaltending prospect
  20. Here’s where your argument fails. You make a big deal about how screwed Montreal is after losing Kotkaniemi (who would have been their 2C). But Dvorak is clearly a better C right now than Kotkaniemi. So which is it? Are they screwed because they lost 3C Kotkaniemi or because they have Dvorak?
  21. Jesus dude. Did an agent beat you up and take your lunch money every day in high school? They serve an important purpose. They know how to navigate the complexities of contracts. Their clients are athletes who often don’t have more than a grade 12 education and who ge really have short pasting careers. Of course players are going to try to maximize what they earn. They also don’t want to be taken advantage of by team GM’s that are trying to get the best deal for the team. you can argue things need to change in the CBA regarding term limits and maximum contracts (although trying
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