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  1. Maybe not in this draft considering the depth of the 2nd round after the picks Boston etc made. But in some circumstances 2 early 3rds for an early 2nd could have got it done IMO, if we're trading with the right team.
  2. Him being a captain is obviously not a bad thing, i'm just getting the feeling that our management overvalue this fact. While i didn't want a guy with attitude problems, like Pilon, i think attitude is overrated at this state of their careers. Brisebrois being a captain of his junior team isn't going to get him to the NHL, unless he's got the skill to make it. If you're a big defenseman, it's obviously important that you're a good skater. But you're also not going to make it on your skating alone. I'm just feeling that his upside isn't that high, but i'd love to see him prove me wrong. I a
  3. Him being a captain for his junior team doesn't say too much tbh, at least not for me. Because again, he's playing on the worst team in the QMJHL, so i doubt there's a lot of guys who's qualified to be captain. Him being a captain (and a defenseman) might also be one of the reasons why our management are sold on this pick, which is something i really don't like. We know that they like their "attitude guys", we know that they love their "big guys that can skate". We also know that not a lot of QMJHL defenseman have made the NHL over the years. Not that i'm totally against drafting defensemen fr
  4. I agree. His numbers in the QMJHL are underwhelming, which for me is concerning since the QMJHL is by far the weakest of the 3 CHL leagues. Not really good at anything. People will bring up that he played for the worst team in the QMJHL which made him "look bad", but that's honestly not going to help his development either. And his +/- wasn't exactly good at the WJC-18 either. I don't see much more than bottom pairing potential. Not to mention this is basically the guy we traded Eddie Lack for.
  5. https://twitter.com/Jake_Virtanen/status/594893346050453505 Jake Virtanen @Jake_Virtanen · 1 minför 1 minut sedan Very excited I get to join @UticaComets tomorrow and my first sniff of pro hockey! #ploffs
  6. I didn't say he was great in playoffs. But again, was he the only one who wasn't great? No he wasn't, he's not exactly the reason why we lost the series, nor do i think he would've made a difference even if he were great. Our defence was horrible. It doesn't matter if he's older than those guys, because each and every player have a different way of reaching success. Mike Hoffman on the Sens made his 1st full season this year in the NHL. He's 3 years older than Baertschi. You make it sound like Baertschi is about to hit his prime, but his career has barely started. You're also comparing him
  7. LOL! Dude he has played FIVE games for this team with limited ice-time. He had 2 goals in his last regular season game. He hasn't even been here for 2 months, ffs give him some time. After watching the playoffs, Baertschi wouldn't exactly be the player i would be worried about. It's not like everyone else showed up. We didn't trade that 2nd round pick for Baertschi because we thought he would be a 2nd liner this year. He will be given a proper shot next year. This season, it was all about him getting ready for next season, and getting used to the organization and the surroundings.
  8. Ever heard of the Sedins? They're pretty good. They even went 2nd and 3rd overall..
  9. I don't think Benning would have traded that 2nd rounder for Baertschi if we already had Ehlers. And to be fair, it's not like Virtanen has been amazing this year, so i'm not sure if the majority would've complained about it as of right now.
  10. You can throw Jiri Hudler into that mix as well. He's just 5'10, and he's playing on their 1st line together with Gaudreau and Monahan. They also have Paul Byron in their bottom 6, who's just 5'7. The only forward on the Canucks who's listed below 6'0, is McMillan, and he's not even a regular with us. There's definitely reason to think why Baertschi is a better fit on the Canucks.
  11. Doesn't matter if Canadas defensive depth was better than Swedens. I doubt Sanheim would've topped Forslings offensive numbers, no matter what country he would've played for. No other defenseman were even close to Forslings numbers. I would say he's got a point with Sanheim not making the team, even though he's eligible for next year as well. He's not a wonderchild. By no means is he the 10th best prospect outside the NHL. Nor is Domi the best, lol. In fact, there's no reason for him to rank Sanheim as high as he does. He's also ranking Sanheim above Nurse, like seriously? Interesting thin
  12. Are you really going to compare a top10 pick, who's just as good as any Swedish player coming out of the SHL the last decade, with a guy who's 3 inches shorter and fell big time in the draft because of that. And also a player that wasn't even drafted. Sure Hodgson isn't doing good right now, but one could argue that the back injury ruined his development. I agree that Virtanen will probably make the NHL. He'll turn into a bottom 6 player at least. Would i be happy if he only turned into a bottom 6 player, considering he was drafted 6th overall? Absolutely not. That's simply not good enough
  13. NHL-combine had him listed at 5'11, so he's not an inch shorter than that. I'm not trying to start a Virtanen vs Nylander (or any other guy for that sake) btw. Just found it funny when someone complained about Nylander not being an impact player on Sweden. Just like when guys where saying last year he didn't produce great numbers in the SHL, therefore he's a bust. Now he's proving all those doubters wrong. Well, except he's still "small" (guys like Crosby and Claude Giroux are 5'11 among others).
  14. Well we also lack that 1st line center guy when Henrik is done. Nylander have the potential to be that guy. And he's not that small either tbh. Not even close to Chase De Leo as someone suggested lol. EDIT: It was DeAngelo. He's not smaller than DeAngelo though.
  15. Just think the post itself is a typical CDC-post. Gotta throw your guy's rival under the bus to raise your own guy to the sky. Personally, i wasn't a big fan of the Virtanen pick. That being said, i hope he succeeds and that Benning proves me wrong with the pick. I like the type of game that Virtanen plays, and he seems like a great guy off the ice too. But really, Nylander has been far more impressive this season than Virtanen. Surgery or not. But Virtanen obviously has some strenghts that Nylander doesn't have.
  16. Nylander is averaging 1 point per game in the SHL. And he's not even playing on a top team. He's been dominating in a league against men. He's by far Swedens best and most important player this tournament. BTW he had 2 points against Canada, and now he has 1 point against USA. Yet you're complaining about him being "invisible". And Sweden lost the game because of their defense and goaltending, lol. Sam Ward was crap in net, and seems like he's not doing good in net tonight either. He allowed at least 2 cheap goals, if not 3. If Virtanen had 2 points in a game and was "invisible", you'd still b
  17. I'm gonna be honest and say that i don't know a lot about this Nick Paul guy. Him and Hicketts are probably the 2 players on team Canada that i know least about, even prior to all the cuts. Missed most of the Russia game too. But is it really worth messing up your whole 3rd line just because of him? Sure, Petan might not be your typical 3rd line center, but he's been completely dominating junior (expect for this year when Portland have been struggling). Shouldn't you keep a guy like that at center, even though he's not the biggest player? Fabbri also playing on his off-wing, and the whole line
  18. Yuck. Very well, let's hope he pans out!
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