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  1. I wish people would just keep politics and players beliefs out of sports. I could care less about an uneducated jocks opinion on politics and sports and if people are offended on their beliefs they should take at themselves in a mirror
  2. Maybe Aquilini likes Green and wanted him resigned? Now that has happened he doesn’t have to worry about a new GM not resigning him and can fire Benning now. Dare to dream anyways
  3. I’d be going after Reinhart over Eichel. Plays wing, centre had a great second half of the year, plays defence, and is only 25. He would also come in way cheaper than Eichel
  4. Big difference between Gillis trading for Higgins than Benning re-signing Pearson. Higgins was brought in to be a defensive third line forward on the brink of a cup run. While we re-sign Pearson when our own gm says we’re two years from competing. How is career production misleading? Of course that includes his rookie years and everything . If you take out last year and his first two years he has a career average of .44ppg. If you just take out I’m willing to bet that he never matches the numbers he put up last year again. Something misleading about Pearson last year? 6 of hi
  5. .46 career production last year was an exception to his career average. He’ll be 29 by the start of next season, how many 29 year olds do you see improve their production? Also has bad possession numbers.
  6. We have how many contracts to sign? Why do we continue to spend money in 3rd line production? Can we not trade our expiring contracts for pieces to help at the draft or prospects? Don’t we have a couple forwards who are in the system that could replace Pearson? We’ve been in the playoffs two times in seven years and have been in cap hell for most of them.
  7. The contract is .5M, 1 year and a NTC to much for my liking. I dunno what is it is with Benning and handing out NTC’s to depth player. The guy can’t learn from his mistakes.
  8. Kinda seems like his time here. Seemed like a dbag the entire time he was here and didn’t give a crap.
  9. Dawson creek Batman AA in grade 9 but we played AAA tournaments and NEBC Trackers Midget AAA in grade 10. He played PG cougars AAA and Caribou Cougars midget AAA. He wasn’t even the best player on his team in midget, there was this kid named Ryan Howse who was way better at the time but ended up being a total booze bag and threw his talent out the window. Three kids on the Caribou team actually ended up being drafted
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