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  1. Gut feeling is they tried to sneak him into the AHL and always feared he would get claimed. It was a big waiver day and with what little game time and opportunity he had, I think they made a gamble and lost.
  2. The problem with 5 years is EP can waltz right into free agency
  3. If these could get done today that’d be great... Don’t want any slimy Red Wings to pull a Carolina on us
  4. Pretty spot on rankings. Zlodeyev is a dark horse prospect who I could see shoot up the list over the season.
  5. All we got him for and he’s leaving us for similar reasons he left Vegas.
  6. Officially put on waivers today. Peace out Jake, can’t say I’ll miss you.
  7. I feel like the people that were scared we’d lose Brendan Gaunce to Vegas are the same people who are afraid we’re going to lose Lind.
  8. if Hughes signs 7.5 x 8 I think we’d all be happy. My guess on the bridge deal would be 5.5x 2 with the contract maybe being 4M the first year and 7M the next so the Canucks would have to qualify him at 7M for his next contract.
  9. He’s going to go bar straight up through the drywall eventually.
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