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  1. Everyone should vote for my home town Dawson Creek, BC for Kraft hockeyville!!

  2. Went to a Backstreet Boys concert yesterday. So I got that going for myself.

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    2. Gross-Misconduct
    3. iLLmAtlc


      Nice I saw them in 2010 with my sister, brought back a lot of childhood memories. Nobody could singalong with new songs lol

    4. Keslerific


      My sis was front row here in cgy, got a kiss from AJ (he was always her fav). Made her year I'm sure lol

  3. It's my birthday and I can have cake for breakfast if I want.

  4. It's my birthday and I can have cake for breakfast if I want.

  5. At least the 20th time I've shovelled in the past week. I'm done with winter.

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    2. Tearloch7


      Where are you specifically ??

    3. 22Sedinery33


      I would rather be in your shoes right now, I want snow -.-

    4. Grapefruits


      decent snow blower is a good long term investment. Plus you can make some money from the neighbors to cover the cost.

  6. Birthdays lost there hype after clowns and magicians weren't cool anymore. Well I guess I'm legal in BC now though!

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    2. Steven Stamkos

      Steven Stamkos

      Havin a good time ;)

    3. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ

      Come over and you'll have the time of your life ;)

    4. InSoM-


      unce unce unce unce unce

  7. Has a really good friend who's album is on the front page of iTunes, is the #1 singer/songwriter of the day and is currently #34 on the iTunes top chart! If you wanna check out his stuff (all acoustic) search Bo Aganaba - Four Leaf Clovers and a Red Balloon

  8. Friday night, girlfriends working, friends are out of town and nothing going on.. I hate living in a small town

  9. Backpacking Europe for a month next July! So excited!!

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    2. moz


      Ah true. Are you doing the inter-rail thing?

    3. Steven Stamkos
    4. moz


      Oh awesome. I know a couple of people who have done that, I was supposed to do it one summer but my bf at the time and I broke up before we booked it (good job). Might do it sometime in the future. You'll have a blast!

  10. Just spent 5 minutes looking at Krazz's avatar

    1. Krazz


      If there was a "Like" button, I would "Like" it a thousand times. Since there isn't, I'll have to + 5 of your most recent posts.

    2. Slender Man
    3. Canuckette_84


      weeeee!!! not tjhat i have any idea what you're referring to, but weeeeeeeeee!!!!

  11. R.I.P Alexisonfire

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    2. Niloc009


      Maybe somebody should have extinguished her.

    3. Schneider's Teeth

      Schneider's Teeth

      Just listen to City and Color

    4. The Brahma Bull
  12. R.I.P Alexisonfire

  13. Wow its snowing in June...

    1. microbialbbq
    2. d^/ > _ < \^b

      d^/ > _ < \^b

      He's not. We are 18 degrees warmer than where he is living. Pretty crazy though.

    3. Steven Stamkos

      Steven Stamkos

      I wish I was lying, it stopped now but I lost a full day of golf

  14. Will let the liquor call the shots.

  15. Mexico for 3 weeks in October? Why not.

  16. A really depressing week this week.

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    2. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      If he's not going to take that cookie, I will.

    3. SpinDrive


      Feel free, its on the platter next to the tainted punch.

    4. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      Mmmm tainted punch, can I have some of that too?

  17. Why does it have to snow??? Like they are calling 20 - 30cm of snow where I am at

    1. SStamkos91


      Why? Because you're not in Vancouver is why. +10 while the rest of Canada is below 0 :3

  18. To anyone who lives in Dawson Creek / surrounding areas avoid driving at all costs if you can terrible road conditions (black ice on almost all highways with 3+ inches of snow covering it) and its white out conditions.

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    2. Shattenkirk's Bald Spot

      Shattenkirk's Bald Spot

      Sounds just lovely. Happy I live in Southern BC lol

    3. Legen_dary


      To anyone who drives: Avoid living in dawsons creek at all costs.

    4. :D


      To anyone in BC, avoid living outside the lower mainland.

  19. Poor Indy if only Manning threw the ball more.

  20. Hangovers suck!

    1. Canuckette_84


      drink more, then thank me later.

    2. Steven Stamkos

      Steven Stamkos

      I don't even wanna look at alcohol anymore let alone drink more.

  21. 10 days until Jamaica!!

    1. Steven Stamkos

      Steven Stamkos

      I will totally be thinking of you guys, Although I might bring my laptop to watch some hockey games and maybe gloat about how nice it is!

  22. Is starting to get into the Christmas mood!

    1. Canuckette_84


      Me too! I just finished wrapping a crap load of gifts... craptastically. lol.

    2. Super19


      ^ lol. it's the effort that counts ;)

      i love the tv during christmas... about the only time i watch it pretty much.

  23. Thinks you Vancouverites should stop complaining about being -8... Right now it is -27 and a wind chill of -34...

  24. Sigh its -20 outside and about 4 inches of snow...

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    2. Steven Stamkos

      Steven Stamkos

      Dawson Creek, and Smirnoffice I wish it missed us completely...

    3. DefensivePlay


      no fair! i want snow here. :(

    4. Steven Stamkos

      Steven Stamkos

      Snow is over rated.

  25. Hmm supposed to be -21 by Friday... Lucky Vancouverites get to stay +5

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    2. Captain Bob

      Captain Bob

      It's going to be -21 in Tampa Bay?

    3. DefensivePlay


      its supposed to go down to -4 here on the weekend.

    4. Steven Stamkos

      Steven Stamkos

      Snow is over rated I wish we could have one winter where there was not 8+ feet of snow and 10+ weeks of -30 to -50...