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  1. Hah maybe we're cursing you by talking about it

    They have a little, but probably not as much as they should and probably not enough to stop an attack.

    Haha cautious observers is right. Didn't you guys send like 2 planes to Libya? :P

    Well at least you're making progress and she's not totally ignoring you anymore

  2. Get a job then :). I don't have any lasagne nor do I know how to make it! I can't cook either though :(

    I get a ride to school everyday but I have to walk home :(. Except when it's pouring out then I try to get a ride or take the bus. So lazy eh?

  3. Haha. <3

    You thought I was dead? Lol.

    What? My bro just took $20 from me the other day. Haha. Oh well, I'll just have to take some of his.

    I've been okay. Just homework is super crappy. And now I've got to get ready for a presentation in English. <_<

  4. Thanks. =D Haha.

    Well, when you don't work yourself, then they are what keeps me alive. =P You should eat some then! Lol.

    Does that mean you have to walk to school everyday? At least on weekends you can ride in style. Haha.

  5. Hahaha good job

    Parents = food and money eh? I've had the most insane craving for lasagne lately....

    Eh it's not like I'm going to need it to drive to/from school because I live close enough. I'll probably get it on the weekends :)

  6. what can I say? I'm just a ladies man. =P Lol.

    Haha. Good point. But I don't mind staying with my parents... Who else is going to make me food? =D Hehe. I bet! Just don't get lost.

    Ah, I see. You have to share it? Lol. That must be tons of fun. =P

  7. No worries :). I see you've made a new lady friend down there ;)

    Hey at least I get to get away from my parents for 5 weeks :D! It's going to be an adventure

    Nope. I'm probably not going to get it till Sept/October. And I have to share the truck with my dad when I can :(

  8. I thought that's what you wanted.

    Deets = details.

    What happened?

    What's her name, age?



    Are you Asian? I forgot.

    No you're from India, that's right. Or that's your background.

    So what did you do?

  9. Don't worry... I wouldn't leave you. <3 ;)

    It was just that I was really busy the last couple of days... Didn't have time to check CDC.

    So whatsup?

  10. Woah, woah, woah... We are NOT the annoying sibling. We are the people down the street who don't leave their homes unless it's a must-do. Haha. We are the cautious observers. =P

    She actually talked to me the other day. Didn't say much, but at least it was something. Now I've got to move things along and start talking to her more.

  11. Lucky... <_< I fumble my words too, so I look like an idiot. Haha. And guess what... I have to do a presentation in English on friday. What are the chances, eh? Lol.

    Woah, that is pretty intense. Do trains even have security? (I've never been in one so I wouldn't know. =P) Or can you just walk in?

    Y'know what, I don't think Canada does. They're too friendly. =D

  12. Sorry about the late reply. Been pretty busy the last few days. =)

    I suck 'cause I don't like French... Psshh... You suck for actually enjoying it! Mmm.. Banana Bread. Yum!

    I forgot if you told me, but do you have your 'N'? Oh, and don't you drive that Toyota (?) truck?

  13. i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!! come back <3

  14. i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!! come back <3

  15. I Love U i4i =) <3