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  1. Love this Chart ! Now we're talking ! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Correct, TSN ranked him 43rd and I recently heard (I believe on Donnie & Dhalli) there were another two hockey scouts who ranked him at 92 and 103 but can't recall their names or where i heard that. No matter, he certainly was not a first round pick - in anyones book and is a borderline 4th line NHL player. However, he should flourish in the Siberian Hockey League,
  3. Great post and maybe this more graphic presentation will convince the Uncle Jim choir - that he is certainly no drafting wizard to behold on a pedestal At best he no more than average and in reality slightly below. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and don't get me started on his contract management, trading and free agency record! His time is up - green too !
  4. Here were the official guidlines we STH's received for entry to Rogers for the preseason. Of course, regular season entry requirement are yet to be finalized but are expected to be more severe with full vaccination T.B. required and fans ejected for not wearing mask while not eating/drinking and we still don't know what capacity limits will be ......stay posted.: FYI, everyone I could see around us followed the guidlines with no issue and no problems whatsoever. Was no more of a big deal for us "Normal" people than the current everyday guidelines. But I could understand this could be a problem for the Anti Vax, Area-51/Flat Earth Conspiracy theorist who have limited comprehesive abilities, no social skills and don't care about others or even themselves - for that matter. Hope this answers your question Jaimito......cheers! *TO ENTER ROGERS ARENA, FANS AGED 13 YEARS AND OLDER MUST HAVE: TO ENTER ROGERS ARENA, FANS AGED 13 YEARS AND OLDER MUST HAVE: Rogers Arena will be operating at 50% capacity per the Provincial Health Order for pre-season games: Sunday, October 3 vs. Winnipeg at 4pm Tuesday, October 5 vs. Seattle at 7pm Saturday, October 9 vs. Edmonton at 6pm Admission to Rogers Arena for the pre-season games is exclusive to fans with at least a single-dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, aged 13 years and older. Fans under 12 can also attend with a guardian (more details below). Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 by presenting the BC Vaccine Card (Vaccination Passport) with the QR code or showing a printout. For more information, please visit BC Vaccine Card Photo ID must be presented at point of entry by all fans attending. Examples include driver’s licence, passport, services card, or permanent resident card. Youth 12 years and younger will be allowed to enter Rogers Arena with a guardian and are not required to show proof of vaccination Masks must be worn at all times unless guests are actively eating and drinking. Some exemptions: People with health conditions or with physical, cognitive or mental impairments who cannot wear one People who cannot remove a mask on their own Children under the age of 12, although we recommend children wear masks too.
  5. Pretty sad developments up in the Northern health Regions but I am actually surprised it took so long for them to suffer like Albertans have, especially since most of the people up in the peace region are not real BC'ers - rather worker bee transplants from Alberta working in the gas fields up there. I know that area well and most people up there associate with Alberta not BC and have that same "Albertan mentality" - if you know what I mean! So not surprising to see so many anti-vaxers fighting tooth and nail for their right to FreeDumb at any cost including their health and lives. Very disheartning that so many will get a hard fact check when they get sick because it's 100% guaranteed that we will all get Covid 19 Antibody exposure at some point or another. Either in a slow controlled pace with a Vaccine that develops resistance to it - or - a "slam-Dunking" when you catch it in the "raw" and pay the price. Good luck to everyone! Make your decision Wisely ! You only get one chance to do so.
  6. Not necessarily, If you bought resale tickets before singles went on sale last week - YES - they should be safe because those obviously were from STH's (the only folks who had access to tickets). However after Singles went on sale last week, anyone could have posted them for resale, so it's impossible to know if a resale seat is originally from a STH or a single game buyer - so buying now is risky. But the last point you make is correct - if capacity restrictions remain, singles will likely be cancelled & refunded and yes anything on resale thereafter should be from STH's and be snapped up immediately at big $$$.
  7. Same here. I went to the Winnipeg game two Sundays ago and WOW - was so nice not fighting crowds in that terribly designed stadium - especially in the level 300 hallways which are always packed solid like a sardine can. That was the most enjoyable game I ever attended at Rogers and hope it continues at 50% too because the official odds are - that in a fully vaccinated stadium, there will still be many "active Covid carriers" that can still infect everyone around them - including vaccinated people. All the vaccine does is give you better odds of surviving infection - not eliminate infection! So going to a Canucks game can be Extremely High Risk (Vaccinated or not) for the over 50 crowd, obese people, folks with Diabetes and anyone else with any medical weakness whatsoever. So many will think twice, three times or more before setting foot in there - especiall y at 100% capacity.
  8. As far as I know the canucks opened up sales on all seats to the general public last week - on the assumption that Dr Bonnie will open things up to 100% capacity in two weeks, so the ticketmaster tickets your seeing, should be based on full capacity. However, if Dr. Bonnie leaves the restrictions in place then all the non season tickets will likley have to be cancelled based on the fact that during pre season they let in about 9100 fans (all STH's) and that's about half the capacity. So if you buy tickets now or bought single game tickets in the last week you run the possibility of not attending if restrictions are not lifted. Then God help non STH's trying to get in, because prices will go thru the Stratosphere!
  9. Oh good! If you're from way down there, would you mind if I ask a "down under" question? Q: Why is there less gravity down there?
  10. I thouight if you watched internet content coming from outside of China that you'd get the Death Penalty or have one of you're two "male organs" cut off and sold for spare parts?
  11. LOL ! Only a good Canucks fan from Vegas could possess problem solving skills like that !
  12. What will happen if Dr. Bonny does not lift the 50% capacity limit for large venues by our 1st home game ? Will only Season Ticket holders be allowed to attend like during the pre-season? What happens to all the single game purchased seats? And, will ticket prices soar thru the roof for the lucky season ticket holders?
  13. Remember the even older - olden, olden days, when calenders had to be kept in the garage???? Now it's the girls who have Fireman calenders. How times have changed!
  14. If it appears we are going to make the playoffs towards the end of the season and before trade deadline, we're definately going to need to acquire at least one if not two "door-men" to bolster the lineup because it is an impossibility to make it thru the playoffs without some "Muscle" out there to police things. That is just a fact of the NHL. The tough always win. Always was - always will be. What worries me now is who is going to be step up during regular season???
  15. LOL and so True. It's always entertaining to go to an Edm Vs. Canucks game and watch the bleach blond "Oil-Patch - Work Camp Girls" from Edm" show up in their cheap rags strutting their Tramp Stamps. You can tell instantly where they are from.
  16. Not a surprise that banner took off from "Pick-up Truck & Fly country" way out in Pitt Meadows - out in the Valley - beyond the edge of the civilized city limits.
  17. I have to agree and for the first time in a few years actually feel a turn around will happen this year.
  18. By the sounds of it, after reading all these post, pretty well everyone was reasonably fine with the effort tonight, given we played with half a team full of new players for the first time. The real surprise is that only a few were calling for Greens head on a platter. Which is very unusual after a loss. So in all - a pretty good night!
  19. Of course - when he's back but in the meantime Chiasson played very well and had many good shots on net and played his position well.
  20. Yes, good observation. I too noticed a big improvement in our overall team speed. Getting rid of several deadwood - boat anchors in the off season really proves how bad they were.
  21. Yes, he was as advertised . Played a solid right side, lots of shots on goal and good blocking in front of the net. I was pleasantly surprised how effective he was.
  22. Very important point - because as we've just witnessed - the oilers still have nothing to dish-out ay anyone after the Mcjesus line.
  23. Not Too Bad - considering all the changes. Great effiort to come back and anybodys win in the Shoot-out. I'm Happy with the results
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